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Orange Worldwide Pvt. Ltd. is a prominent player in the imports and exports of agricultural commodities.The organization has extensive knowledge about quality standards from the European to Asian countries. 20 number of employees
    Operation Manager
    Handling Imports & Exports of Agri Commodities
    Day to Day Business Operations
    Handling Team & Strong Problem Solving Skills
    Strong Negotiation & Communication Skills 
    Capability of running a team independently
    Daily Office Management
    Handling Sales
    5+ years experience
    Sales Executive
        Research the market and related products
        Negotiate on price, costs,with buyers and Agents
        Record sales and order information
        Negotiate the terms of an agreement and close sales
        Gather market & customer information
        develop relationships with customers
        2+ years experience
    Recruiter Name:Hitesh Trivedi
    Company:Orange Worldwide Pvt Ltd
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