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Instaprint Congo is a Printing & Packaging company, which has been serving DR Congo for over 15 years, but has experience of over 30 years. We are a full-service, technologically advanced printing company able to meet all of your commercial printing business. Our services include Booklets & Tags, Flyers, Medicine boxes, Exercise Books, Business Cards, Brochures, Die cutting, Promotional Materials, stationery, and much more. We have offset and digital machines
    We are an offset printing company based in DR Congo, Africa - We are looking for a mature, responsible, honest, energetic and experienced Graphic Designer cum CTP Operator cum Digital Machine operator for our Offset Printing Press in DR Congo. Please read all conditions below before applying for the job.

    We are looking for a young individual who is willing to move to Congo Africa for a minimum 2 year contract. This individuals will be very proactive and will have the knowledge of offset printing with managerial skills. 

    Experience of a minimum 5 years as a graphic designer, digital machine operator and ctp operator in an offset printing company is a must. African experience will be highly regarded. English language is a must. 

    1. You will be required to stay in congo for a duration of 2 years minimum term contract.

    2. Salary will be negotiable depending on your experience. You will be provided a bedroom, in large size house, with TV, servant and cook. Only Bachelor accommodation will be provided. Transport to and from work is provided by the company. Security is also provided, and congo is a relatively safe country. We have many indian expatriates working at our plant in congo. Company is managed and run by indians.

    3. Good written and spoken English is a must. Knowledge of french language is recommended by not necessary.

    4. Congo is very different to India, so you will be required to adapt to different culture and atmosphere easily.

    5. You must be between 27 and 45 years of age and with good experience of in the production department of a printing company. You will be expected to do other jobs apart from production.

    6. Offset Printing background is a must and experience within the printing industry is a must.

    7. You must be a non drinker or light drinker.

    8. You must not have any health issues and must be active and physically fit.

    9. You are willing to take up a new challenge in life to progress and be promoted in the company.

    10. You will be required to manage the entire production department, and your job will also involve monitoring workers, looking after repairs and maintenance etc.

    11. We expect that you have experience in all of the above prior to coming to Congo. 

    12. We require a deposit of 30,000 rupees from you on acceptance of our offer. This deposit will be refunded to you within 7 days of arriving to congo. The reason for this deposit is so that we know you are serious and you will not change your mind after we begin applying for your visa and purchase your air ticket. Normally it will cost us 100,000 rupees for your visa and airticket.


    Reminder: This is an graphic designer / ctp operator / digital machine operator job, so only if you have worked in a similar role previously, for a minimum of 5 years

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