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Client is into Forex & commodity trading
    The financial market trainer will be assigned to teach customers/ students about how to trade in various financial markets both in theory & in practical sessions. He/she would also be required to prepare the training materials (for a quarterly time period) and should have the experience of handling/ trading in Forex, Commodities, Indices and Derivative segments.

    Key Responsibilities
    1. Good understanding of the various financial markets.
    2. What financial instruments are traded across the globe at time zones and an articulate knowledge towards training the customers.
    3. Able to prepare the best in class training materials for customers.
    4. Ability to conduct live trading in front of the clients during their training sessions.
    5. Coding knowledge in Mt4 towards creating, editing and modifying indicators, systems etc.
    6. Presenting the training materials to customers and have the power towards complete knowledge transfer to customers.
    7. Should have trading & product knowledge in various asset classes including Forex, commodities, Indices, Stocks & derivatives
    4+ years experience

Swati Singhal

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