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    Roles and Responsibilities :
    • Taking care of the kids 6 months old son and 5 year old daughter once she get home from school. A good nanny should, be able to plan and arrange safe, fun learning opportunities. 
    • Should know how to plan and prepare healthy meals and snacks. Have first aid training. have driving experience if required. 
    • Have an interest in children as individuals. Have a confident, positive personality.
    • Housemaids to perform cleaning and maintenance tasks at employer's house 
    • To maintain the Cleanliness of work area and keep all things organized. 
    • The usual responsibility for cleaning, laundering, drying and ironing the clothes, and washing kitchen dishes.

    • Need to have passion for cooking, to have the ability to learn Indian, Italian, Mexican, Lebanese, Chinese cooking .
    • Driving skills will be a big plus. Can drop and pick up the kids to school or where they need to go.
    • Pick up groceries and do house shopping. 
    • We have small cute home dog so should not be afraid of small cute dog. 
    • We travel a lot should not mind travelling with us to different countries specially on School holidays

  • Should have good organisational skills.
  • Age between 25 - 30 years
  • Nationality: Filipino

3+ years experience

Vishal Shah
Smile Plast Ltd

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