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    Sand Blaster
    - H.Sc. with 5+ Years experience in into Sandblasting
    - Operate Compressors & Blasting Equipment
    - Garnet & Metal Grit Blasting in exterior applications of materials
    - Using variety of Sandblasting Equipment
    Painting Supervisor - Direct Painting / Coating / Blasting
        DME with 5+ years into,

        - Direct Painting works, Blasting, Coating & Lining techniques
        - Skilled in preparation & application of paints to different surfaces
        - Observing rust grades, profile measurements, painted area calculations, etc.
        Hydrotest Supervisor
            DME with 5 years into,

            - Hydrotest activities in Oil & Gas/ Petrochemical Refineries
            - Able to ead Isometric Drawings/ P&ID
            - Blind flange selection
            - Pressure Test, Pneumatic Test & Leak Test, Pipeline Flushing, De-watering & Drying
            Recruiter Name:Srinivasan

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