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Maintenance Supervisor

The planning and management of the daily and long term activities of the mechanical department to ensure the safe, efficient and continuous Power Plant operation through the maintenance and repair of the assigned assets. 

Scope of the role 

The Maintenance and Repair of: (1) the three (3) Gas Turbine generating units (with their Balance of Plant), (2) the Emergency Diesel Generators, (3) the Fire Fighting Equipment, (4) the Water Treatment Plant, (5) the Sewage Treatment Plant, (6) the Natural Gas Supply Plant, and (7) the Air-Conditioning Systems.


Working with the Planning department and computerized Maintenance Management Software on a systematic basis to improve and update work procedures, time estimates, and both preventive and Predictive maintenance frequencies.

Conduct modification and mechanical upgrades to prevent equipment failures and ensure that service availability is within limits.

The construction and implementation of equipment maintenance programs and then utilizing the information from these programs for equipment evaluation, modification, and improvement.

Trouble shoot and clear mechanical faults on the units and the auxillary

Custodian of departmental documentations and Records.

Facilitating and coordinating the integrated works of the Mechanical Department and the other departments.

Working with the Operations Department to maintain optimum operating conditions and compatible working relationship.

Supervision of departmental Outsourced Jobs.

Supporting company policies, departmental instructions, and objectives in a positive manner with employees

Ensuring Individual and Plant Safety Compliance

The Availability and Reliability of the Three (3) Gas Turbine Generating Plants.

The Maintenance Planning and Execution for the Mechanical Equipment
Shutdown Management

Maintenance Data Control

Personnel and Plant Safety Control

Maintenance Report Generation

Health Officer

Ensure the efficient & effective delivery of Medical and Health Services across the organization.

General Accountabilities

Examine patients to provide information on and diagnose medical condition.
Analyze records, reports, test results, or examination information to diagnose medical condition of patient.

Administer treatment, therapy, medication and other specialized medical care to treat or prevent illness, disease, or injury.

Monitor patients' condition and progress and re-evaluate treatments as necessary. 

Counsel and educate patient on medical condition.

Collect, record and maintain patient information, such as medical history, reports, and examination results.

Refer patients to their HMO hospitals when necessary.

To liaise with HMO to achieve excellent managed health care for staffs

Participate in health enlightenment programs to educate staff on disease prevention.

To identify health risks and help mitigate such.

To train staffs on basic first aid measures.

Organise basic medical checks for Energy Plant staff. 

Attend to emergency medical situations promptly and efficiently.

Participate in unit meetings and activities as required.

Key Competencies 
Health monitoring and Identification of health hazards in the work place
Understanding of medical services outsourcing principles and processes
First Aid
Professional emergency life-saving skills.

General Competencies 
Excellent medical skills.

Good organisational skills. Ability to manage multiple priorities

Good supervisory, coaching and mentoring skills.

Awareness of key HSEQ issues in the role

HSE ManagerAim of the position is to develop the culture of promoting and maintaining good health, social wellbeing, as well as safety of Staff/Visitors/Equipment by creating a Healthy environment for workers and communities around.

General Accountabilities

Prepare and forward a report of activities/incidents on a monthly basis to the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory commission (NERC) as requested by the commission.

Liaise with safety professional bodies such as the institute of safety professionals of Nigeria (ISPON), Fire Protection of Nigeria (FPAN) for training, information and cooperative benefits.

Complying with regulatory body dues and annual remittances.

Planning, Organizing and Conducting occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Programmes for the prevention of Industrial, motor vehicle and workplace accidents

Monitor and Advice on compliance with Work codes and Safety Regulations

Inspect facilities and work-in Progress to determine potential hazards and advice on the spot correction elimination.

Safety awareness programmes are conducted for staff, enlightenment/induction of the plant is given to staff, visitors, contractors, IT Students etc.

Advice on provision of safety stickers/posters and safety awareness items for information dissemination

Advice on and organise annual health, safety and environment week.

Encourage and promote staff participation in physical fitness programmes and participation in annual health check

Advice on the implementation of HIV/AIDS workplace policy for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Supervise the fire protection men in discharging their duties including routine hose and fire drills, plus testing of available safety equipments

HSE Head

Aim of the role is to monitor and report organization-wide compliance with established Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) policies and procedures. Ensures effective Power Station chemistry is adhered to through water analysis, Water treatment and conditioning and strict compliance to specifications.


Oversee the establishment of effective and efficient frameworks, policies and procedures to facilitate the execution of the departments mandate

Champion ongoing efforts towards reducing the environmental impact of business operations as well as the incorporation of HSSEQ measures in the organisations operations.

Development and maintenance of adequate accident/ hazard prevention and health and safety programs for various locations;

Design, installation, and start-up of new equipment and infrastructure to ensure all health and safety implications are identified and addressed;

Advice Management on pertinent aspects of hazard control and abatement, especially with respect to the identification of potential health hazards and safety risks associated with the organisation's operations.

Oversee the development and maintenance of an emergency action and disaster preparedness plans that provide clear roles and responsibilities for all personnel in order to ensure familiarity and coordination between facility officers and emergency response teams.

Prepare maintenance schedules for all safety equipment in the station
Monitor and track global and local best practices in HSSEQ administration especially as applicable to the Power Industry and make recommendations to Management as required.

Identify and respond to community concerns about organisations operations and work with key stakeholders to understand and resolve health, safety, security, environment and quality issues/concerns. 

Manage the companys relationships with regulatory bodies on all HSSEQ matters, provide required information for the conduct of HSSEQ audits and ensure due compliance organisation-wide with defined HSSEQ policies and procedures.

Interprets all analytical results and make adjustments or advises management.

Coordinate the Production, treatment and conditioning of raw water, portable water and cooling water.

Coordinate the operations of the water treatment plant.

Authenticates all analytical results and make adjustments or advises management

Control & Instrumentation Engineer

The role is to provide solutions to management for quality decision making on all instrumentation& control problems/issues pertaining the operation of the power plant. 


Responsible for the maintenance, replacement, installation and removal of equipment in the power plant and associated structures to assure safe, reliable, and uninterrupted operation

Responsible for the calibration, testing and corrective maintenance of instruments and controls at the plant

Reporting of all Instrumentation & Control maintenance activities. 

Assess all I&C requirements for optimal performance of Geregu Power Plc.

Ensure preventive and planned shutdown maintenance in all I&C systems

Accessing information within and making minor adjustments to the control system

Ensuring the integrity of I&C systems of the plant

Determination of I&C spares requirement

Certification of departmental supplies and services.

Ensuring departmental maintenance schedules are within the overall time frame policy of the company.

Reporting to management through modern information management systems

The role interfaces with other stakeholders to meet up with the overall production plan of the company

Electrical Supervisor

Maintenance of the rotating machines, the control and auxiliary circuitry, the plant and administration illumination and the power supply points.


Carrying out of breakdown / planned maintenance on the Plant, with a focus on all the electrical components of the Plants

Ensuring all work carried out in relation to electrical equipment and installations in their area of responsibility is adequately supervised this includes Technicians 

All electrical installing work is inspected and tested in accordance with the regulations

Trouble shoot and clear Electrical faults on the units and the auxillary

Installation and maintenance of lighting and Power Points in the Plant and offices.

Carrying out of breakdown / planned maintenance on the Plant, with a focus on all the electrical components of the Plants

Ensuring all work carried out in relation to electrical equipment and installations in their area of responsibility is adequately supervised this includes Technicians 

Coordination of the men and materials for the day to day functioning of the department

Make sure materials and tools for jobs are available and useable

Maintenance Head
    Coordinate all scheduled routines, daily, weekly and monthly maintenance of the Plant in the various components of the plant i.e Mechanical, Electrical and Instrumentation & Control.


    Complete accountability for Plant Maintenance Predictive, Operative and Preventive Maintenance and adherence to the schedule. Monitor Compliances as applicable at Plant level

    Design and implement equipment maintenance programs and utilise them for equipment evaluation and improvement. Completing equipment repairs and overhauls on schedule by utilising established planning methods and providing adequate manpower and supervision

    Ensure Complete Monitoring and take corrective measures where ever applicable. 

    Complete accountability for ensuring the Up time Plant Availability for Generation. 

    Responsible for ensuring the preventive and planned shutdown maintenance in all mechanical, electrical and Instrumentation & control systems
    Responsible for all Mechanical, Electrical and Instruments & Control requirements for optimal performance 

    Ensure compliance by Electrical, Mechanical and Instruments and Control Staff with health, Safety and environment regulations.

    Supervise the modifications or upgrades where necessary to prevent equipment failures and maintaining service availability within limits.

    Supervise all Troubleshooting/fault clearing on the units and its Auxiliary

    Ensures that all Mechanical, Electrical and instrumentation & Control activities are safe and reliable for Plant Operation

    Measures and evaluates maintenance work processes, and services to achieve organisational goals; redesigns process as needed using best methods and technology to meet or exceed business needs; uses appropriate methods to identify opportunities, implement solutions, and measure impact

    Maintains and preserves information in the form of records arising from maintenance activities on the Plant in a manner that ensures efficient storage and retrieval as and when required

    Holds direct responsibility for managing cost by effective approval expenditures, overtime and effective budge monitoring and monthly variance reporting
    Production Manager
        Assist the Head of Production in the operations of power generation equipment in Power Plant for efficient and safe plant operations


        Supervising of operational staff and strategising to meet Generation target

        Supervise the execution of instructional programs for the Plant to meet set goals and targets

        Prepare and present the station generation plan quarterly to the operation and generation planning meeting 

        Present for appraisal on the Plant status daily to the Computerised Management Maintenance System meetings and inform the meeting of any operational constraints

        Prioritise defects cards towards reducing Plant down time

        Responsible for staffing of personnel on a shift basis, to ensure the smooth operation of the Plant

        Responsible for operating the two Plants safely and reliably to achieve both companies objectives without jeopardising each others targets

        Create or enforce the Power Plant Voltage schedules

        Execute annual plans, power contracts, power rates, standing operating procedures, power reviews, or engineering studies

        Check the Plant operations for compliance with prescribed operating limits, such as loads, voltages, temperatures, lines, or equipment.

        Monitor the Plant facility operations to ensure that generation or mechanical equipment conform to applicable regulations or standards.

        Identify and Communicate Power Systems emergencies

        Maintains effective channels of communication and cooperation among and between plant personnel and other departments and divisions in the organisation as appropriate
        Planning Head
            Primary purpose of the role 
            (What is the value added by this role, the overall aim, the reason that this role is required?)
            To remain active in Power generation in a most cost effective manner
            To Improve and sustain the efficiency of the Plant
            To avoid downtime and eventual loss of revenue generation
            Scope of the role 
            (The scope section lists quantitative factors to indicate overall accountability and impact -budget, turnover, volume, number of shipments, number of accounts -AS APPLICABLE)
            Planned Maintenance Planned outage, routine preventive etc
            Unplanned maintenance Breakdown maintenance, 
            Plant equipment history
            Maintenance data management 


            Ensuring the development and implementation of annual scheduled preventive maintenance plan for all units, equipment and also ensure that maintenance is done as required for maximum plant and equipment efficiency.

            Coordinating and monitoring the execution of scheduled preventive maintenance plan for all units and equipment of the company with a view to ensure 90% availability of all plants and equipment of the company. 

            Providing maintenance schedules well in advance for the Operations & Maintenance team to be able to plan their operations so that customer service is not affected. 
            Developing scheduled preventive maintenance annually and monthly budget as an input into the companys financial plan respectively. 

            Organizing daily morning and afternoon maintenance meetings, where all issues like materials, manpower constraints are discussed exhaustively and decision taken.

            Making huge input into the procurement of maintenance spares and parts and ensure necessary follow ups to expedite procurement actions. 
            Follow-up and monitoring spares usage and ensures compliance with the re-order level policy of the company. 

            Initiating requisitions for materials and follow-up with Procurement department to ensure that the same are obtained in a timely manner.

            Follow-up major repair works and ensure timely quality repairs

            Inter-relate with other personnel (operation and maintenance) in visual and sound inspection of equipment to gain a timely reporting response to systems trouble. 

            Preparing various types of analytical reports on equipment system analysis, productivity, plant efficiency, etc. to aid decision making and planning by management

            Involved in the search for, establish contact with and draw up agreement with major suppliers/OEM of spares and parts.

            Identifying, store and monitoring the procurement of, storage of and usage of critical spare parts of plants and equipment. 

            Advise and ensure the implementation of periodic training schedules for all technical personnel in collaboration with training department (HR).

            Ensuring daily distribution of work committed programme for all maintenance departments

            Receiving daily field reports from all maintenance departments for onward management briefing in the next morning Technical meeting with management

            Daily Technical meeting to brief management on the progress of on-going jobs and constraints if any

            Ensuring all Scheduled jobs are carried and complains/constraints are attended and resolved

            Ensuring Daily maintenance reports are populated and achieved in the CMMS server for future reference

            Routine checks on the stores inventory to ensure stock replenishment when ever the need arises.

            Writing technical maintenance reports to aid management in decision making in respect to spare parts purchases and any other maintenance issues

    Position based in Nigeria. Salary will be paid in US Dollars $ with local allowance provide as well as accommodation

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