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    Provides strategic direction and leadership for management of school and its desired improvements. 
    Develops and implementing policies, programs, curriculum activities and budgets.          
    Upholds the educational policies and integrate the common core government guidelines into each class curriculum.         
    Develops programs that improve teacher performance and assist students in better understanding class material better.         
    Develops a school improvement plan founded in a secure understanding of data and classroom observation.         
    Regularly conducts audits to provide accurate reporting through the KPI dashboard.         
    Takes classroom-teaching responsibility based on staffing and academic requirements of the school.         
    Submits regular school performance dash boards to using approved templates.       
    Provides monthly updates to Senior Management on academic and non-academic performance of the school.         
    Plays active role in manpower planning and recruitment of Academic positions throughout the year. 

    Desired Profile: Post Graduate Certification in Education (PGCE) or Professional Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE).Bachelors degree in related discipline

    Strong academic experience International British curriculum. 

    Minimum 15 years teaching experience post qualification and minimum 5 years of relevant leadership experience.Teaching and Leading experience in Middle east region is must. 

    Teaching credentials - QTS (Qualified Teacher Status)

    Prefer Western Nationals with excellent communication skills and leadership skills

Swathi D S

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