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In our ninth year as a specialist solutions provider in Customer Care and Billing, UshaComm has established a wide-ranging and diversified infrastructure to support its nearly 40 global customers. These customers represent a cross-section of operator types and highly successful business models including traditional ILECs, Wireless operators, CLECs, Cable and other IP broadband operators, IXCs and resellers.
UshaComm solutions have proven to be at the leading edge of technology and business functionality in support of the operator offering complex convergent services and attendant customer service. Our organization is built on a philosophy of premium customer support and service and our activities, business approach and customer equity reflects this ideal. A strong and interactive relationship, geared toward and sensitive to requirements of each individual customer, is the basis of an ongoing and mutually beneficial partnership with our customer base.
In the process of building our global infrastructure and customer base, UshaComm has competed with and beaten all the major players in the global Billing and Customer Care market place. Our customers can attest to the superior Return on Investment that characterizes their decision to implement an UshaComm solution

    Product Owner (Customer Behavior) OTT, VOD / Online Video Streaming 
    **Immediate Start 
    As a Product Owner , you will work with a multi-disciplinary team (Business, Product / UX / Design / Development) performing customer, market and gap analysis to define requirements, Epics and User stories, and create a competitive edge. You will be responsible for building and leading competitive intelligence efforts, translating market and technology understanding into customer-focused requirements, and work with an agile development team to deliver a feature-rich solution 

    What Youll Do:
    Build and lead competitive intelligence efforts
    Perform customer, market and gap analysis to define requirements, Epics and User stories provide competitive edge
    Identify new digital Customer Intelligence related technologies and its application to help guide R&D
    Understand Customer behavior concept and application of AI for adaptive UX
    Ensure complex business needs are perfectly documented and reflected in a product roadmap and in the resulting product
    Manage a product roadmap, getting internal consensus and incorporating feedback from a range of sources 
    Build and formulate effective product marketing messaging
    Disseminate information rapidly, including competitive campaigns and press efforts
    Prepare sales tools, - talking point, materials, etc. - to help our sales force respond to competitive threats and customer questions
    Validate, adjust and manage delivery against a defined roadmap
    Perform User Acceptance
    Conduct market tests and report results
    Work closely with development to turn requirements into brilliant products
    What Youll Need:
    4+ years product marketing experience preferably in AI, Customer Behavior and User Experience related areas in the OTT / TVE / VOD / video streaming industry and 2+ years of startup experience
    Understanding of the psychology of competitive marketing, and how to turn that into effective counter-messaging and requirements that drive product differentiation
    Strong understanding of business models, including the ability to quickly decompose and infer what competitors are up based on this
    Experience of leading competitive intelligence efforts across the international OTT footprint with a specific focus on the European and US markets
    Strong skills in translating market and technology understanding into customer-focused requirements
    Ability to take risks with new features
    Have a knowledge of OTT, TVE, video streaming and VOD products and services
    Ability to communicate with the senior leadership team in terms of Product/Market fit 
    Specific examples of success in this or similar positions in the video space
    Understanding of collaborative filtering and other widely used Customer Intelligence processing algorithms that power recommendation engines, customer behavior analysis, adaptive UX

    This is the company where teamwork, Initiative, and dedication are key. We are offering a motivating and inclusive workplace in which talent is truly recognized, developed and rewarded. If you think this could be the right role for you, get in touch to discuss in more detail

    Recruiter Name:Amit Kumar Gupta

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