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We asked travelers what they like and built a brand around it. Warm and friendly service, a comfortable bed, good food and entertainment, all at an affordable price. This is what our guests want and this is exactly what we are. Some call us a home away from home, others an ideal transit hub. For some we're the best weekend watering hole, others can't get enough of our lip smacking grub. Our locations have been referred to as landmarks and our team members as "best buds". We're always part of our guests' memories (and their insta feeds). They miss us when they go away and are delighted when they come back! Why don't you come and try us for yourself?
Citymax Hotels. Little Xtras. Max Difference

    Create, update and share the full suite of revenue management reports on a daily / weekly / monthly / ad hoc basis to all relevant parties
    Ensure professional and efficient utilization of all systems, in line with company best practices and standard operating procedures
    Ensure effective information gathering and analysis is conducted in order to identify and maximize on all possible opportunities and minimize any risks
    Integrate with other functions to ensure we exceed our customer's, owner and shareholder expectations
    Follow the RMCC training program to learn the role of Revenue Manager, in order to ensure consistent support for all hotels in the revenue management
    Ensure consistent process and procedures for all hotels being managed in the revenue management by covering all Revenue Analysts production tasks as and when necessary
    Manage / contribute / participate in projects which will improve the efficiency or effectiveness of the RMCC department, reports, process, or procedures

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