A Leading Distributor and Traders of Multiple Products
    Job Description:-


    (a) Handle all cash receipts from customers
    (b) Plan, handle and arrange all cash disbursements against approved payments
    (c) Maintenance of imprest cash and arranging for replenishment
    (d) Preparation of daily cash statement as part of management reporting 


    (a) Verification of all bank balances and charges and its accuracy, interest charges by the bank on loans and receipts of cheques from the customers and arrange to deposit with the bank.
    (b) Ascertaining the daily balances as per the bank and arranging the bank statements for reconciliation 
    (c) Liaison with the bank for information, accounting discrepancies and for other services
    (d) Safe custody of chequebooks and arranging replenishments.
    (e) Weekly bank reconciliation& reporting.
    (f) Collection, verification and submission of bank documents as and when required.


    (a) Verification of invoices, to confirm with the quantity as per order confirmation, prices as per the approved pricelist and order confirmation, credit authorization by the management and checking arithmetical accuracy before authorization by the Financial Controller.

    (b) Ensuring all sales revenues are entered in the sales book and banked on a daily basis.


    (a) Effective collection from customers, the full amount due and timely,
    (b) Periodical reconciliation of accounts with customers and resolution of any pending issues,
    (c) Periodical visit to customers office for collection, reconciliation and others.


    (b) Pre-audit of expense vouchers and controlling expenses before payment disbursement. 
    (c) Ensuring that all the sales invoices are received for entry into the accounts.
    (d) Ensuring that all goods receipt notes are received against which the material has been received and taken into stock.
    (e) Ensuring that all the purchase bills are received, properly verified with the GRNs and the purchase orders before entry into the accounting system.
    (f) Data entries of VAT, input from purchase invoices and all the transactions Viz, cash receipts and payments, bank receipts and payments, purchases, sales invoices, JVs etc. in Tally accounting packages on daily basis.
    (g) Ensuring accurate data entry of all the transactions.
    (h) Preparation of profit & Loss, balance sheet cash flow statements for audit.
    (i) Periodic reconciliation of books of accounts, cash book sundry debtors and creditors.
    (j) Periodic preparation of financial statements AMD Management Information System Reports as required by management.


    (a) Daily updating of stock records.
    (b) Daily updating of VAT output account 
    (c) Monthly preparation of consolidated stock report for valuation
    (d) Monthly preparation of sales analysis for reporting to the management
    (e) Preparation of daily report on stocks at all the locations
    (f) Follow-up of goods sent for stitching and items sent out for repair
    (g) Take charge of fuel / Diesel consumption and stock documentation for TRA.

    (a) Update costing sheets from the company has computerized costing system
    (b) Check the accuracy of the costing inputs against statistics, stock records etc.


    (a) Assist and support the Financial Controller in preparing monthly, quarterly and yearly management accounts and finalization of accounts for statutory audit and tax audits.
    (b) Breakdown analysis of fund flow statements, cash flow statements, ratio analysis, profit volume ratio, cash budget, variance analysis, marginal costing, differential costing. 
    (c) Preparation of debtors and creditors list aged on daily, weekly and monthly basis and as when required

Recruiter Name:Sunil Dabla
Email Id:Sunil.d@naukri.com

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