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Leading Plastic Manufacturing Company in Afghanistan
    Injection Machine Engineer 

    1. Responsible for formulating new product molding conditions;(Mainly for PET preform, cap molds and handle molds) 
    2. Assist the mold engineer in analyzing the causes of the mold defects and tracking the problems; 
    3. Responsible for the debugging of the injection molding machine, the process improvement of the defects in the mass production products, reduce the product defect rates 
    4. Responsible for injection machine maintenance daily/monthly/yearly. 
    5. Provide training for operators and other related staff, including new process, new products and equipment operations; 
    6. Communicate with the quality department to assist QA engineers in solving quality problems and customer complaints; 
    7. Bad improvement of injection molding products, tracking of problems, and submitting bad improvement reports to superiors on time; 
    8. Assist suppliers to develop standard injection molding conditions and poor improvement. 

    Job Requirements: 

    1. Major in mechanical engineering or above; 
    2. more than 3 years experience in injection molding, work experience in the PET preform industry is preferred; 
    3. Familar with the structure and performance of PET preform and cap molds and injection molding machines, good at machine debugging, be proficient in testing new products and improve process performance; 
    4. Proficient in improving the injection molding process, understanding the performance of PET materials, and having rich experience in PET and cap quality control and inspection; 
    5. Have good professional ethics and professionalism, strong affinity, team spirit and strong work stability

Recruiter Name:Anshika

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