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Production Supervisor
    Production Supervisor In Garment Industry.

    Industry: Company dealing in ethnic wears garments.
    Experience: 3-4 Years in garment industry
    Education: Graduate
    Salary: Negotiable

    1. Must have good knowledge of Production in Garment Industry
    2. To look after production of domestic supply garments. 
    3. Having the ability to manage the team of workers.
    4. Supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in sewing, pressing, and inspecting garments.
    5. Inspects work for adherence to specifications.
    6. Notifies mechanic when machines malfunction. 
    7. Trains workers in assembly of new style garments.
    8. Performs other duties as described under SUPERVISOR Master Title

Maintenance Supervisor
    Essential Function/Duties: Place spools of thread, cord, or other materials on spindles, insert bobbins, and thread ends through machine guides and components. Perform equipment maintenance tasks such as replacing needles, cleaning sewing machines, troubleshooting.
    1. Will be responsible for entire utility maintenance by minimizing breakdown and ensuring quality .
    2. Preventive Maintenance
    3. Ensuring safety
    4. Timely Maintenance & avoiding breakdowns.
    5. Timely inspection/ monitoring
    6. Proper Analysis & decision making
    7. Meeting Statutory Requirements.
    Purchasing Specialist
    Preferably have a strong background & experience in Big S. Market.

    As a purchasing manager, you'll need to:

    forecast levels of demand for services and products
    conduct research to ascertain the best products and suppliers in terms of best value, delivery schedules and quality
    liaise between suppliers, manufacturers, relevant internal departments and customers
    build and maintain good relationships with new and existing suppliers
    negotiate and agree contracts, monitoring the quality of service provided
    process payments and invoices
    keep contract files and use them as reference for the future
    develop strategies to make sure that cost savings and supplier performance targets are met - or exceeded
    undertake value for money reviews of existing contracts and arrangements
    forecast price trends and their impact on future activities
    keep a constant check on stock levels
    give presentations about market analysis and possible growth
    develop a purchasing strategy
    produce reports and statistics on spending and saving
    evaluate bids and make recommendations, based on commercial and technical factors
    ensure suppliers are aware of business objectives
    attend meetings and trade conferences
    train and supervise the work of other members of staff.
    QC Supervisor
    A buyer QC is a buying house quality controlling representative, an employee of the buyer, work to ship buyers required product quality. Here the QC indicates Quality Control. Buying House assign QC for factory final inspection, all other quality audit and maintaining own quality procedure. Buyer QC is highly respected with good hospitality in every apparel industry. Lots of peoples dream job is to be buying house quality inspector, especially for the people who are working in the different quality control department. Buyer QC is the ultimate authorize from person garments buyer to pass the final inspection of finished goods. I made a list of buyer QC Job description in Apparel industry; hopefully, this article will help you to clear your concept about Job Responsibilities of Garments Buyer QC. A QC manager leads all QC of his team in a buying house.

    accomplish QC cycle of a factory by controlling samples; follow up materials production in-house status, control materials in-house testing, organize PP meeting, cutting permission, inspection, reporting & record keeping.
    Provide training and educate to the quality & production personnel, maintain the needed quality requirements throughout the production processes strictly following the buyer specifications.

    Checking cutting, sewing, and finishing in-process quality control and report to the management.
    Understand and follow the quality SOP in each step of the process, Implement buyers every work manual & follow the quality standard to the production factory.
    Conduct In-line Audit, an in-process audit in sewing, finishing, and packing.
    Monitor the whole quality process of the assigned factory.
    Final inspection and confirm the quality of the end product.
    Train up and lead factory GPQ team directly.
    Ultimate responsible person for factory quality controlling process from buyer end.
    Highlight quality report to vendor management and his own top management about any types of quality issue
    3+ years experience
    Recruiter Name:Zaid Khan
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