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Megastra is located in an industrial area named Kapar this area has a large number of other factories and residential areas. We've been here for the last 19 years, the factory is leased.
Our main manufacturing is in high pressure and gravity die casting. We have 5 pressure machines with the largest being a 350t and a number of gravity press's with the biggest being a 105° tilt machine which can cast in excess of 1m in length and width.
It's owned by 2 Australians and we export 70% of what we manufacture to Australia where we have our own, fully owned, factory & warehouse located in Albury, NSW. Almost all of our work is on a sub contract basis but we are looking to manufacture more of our own products (and as such will need moulds) for both casting and mining industries.
The factory has ~20 people and we operate quite efficiently with every person being responsible for their own production and quality control. People in the machine shop are expected to be multi skilled.
Currently in the machine shop we have 2 other full time employees and a production worker, the 2 fulltime employees (Machine Operator & Manual Machinist) 
For software in the machine shop we exclusively Solidworks 2014 which does design and basic CAM & Hypermill 2014 for all other CAM work

    Main Roles 
    1. Manufacture moulds and tools (Pressure Die, Gravity Die, Trim Tools, etc.)
    The MSS is not administrative role, as the most experienced you are expected to manufacture moulds and parts as per demand on the more complex machinery such as the DMG 5 axis CNC but also CNC Lathes & 3 Axis mills.
    The candidate should presume that he spends around 60% of his time actually working the machinery himself manufacturing tooling to support the foundry. A very good knowledge of CNC machining, equipment & controllers (Fanuc & Heidenhain) along with this the MSS needs to be highly experienced with CAM systems (MJSB uses Hypermill) as it will be used to manufacture the tools.
    Additional desired skill is the ability to also do 3D design (Solidworks) for tool & part design.
    As a note the MSS is not responsible for the mould design the owners will create a design in a 3D model which the MSS follows. If the MSS is also able to do 3D then we would just provide a sketch of the design and then let the MSS complete it in 3D.

    2. Oversee production machining and ensure the standards are kept to drawing specification.
    Based off of the priority list for the machine shop the department head can re allocate labour if required to achieve production schedules. The MSS is responsible for overseeing the overall quality of the parts that are being sent from the machine shop. If the quality level cannot be maintained then this needs to be reported to the management with an explanation as to where the fault is in the production process.

    3. Supervise support staff and ensure timely work completion (currently 2 people).
    The MSS will be overseeing the work of the other staff in the machine shop such as CAD designing, general machining and production operators. Good, clear communication and instructions are required. The positive working environment will be the responsibility of the tool room senior.

    4. Ensure proper workplace practices and maintain a clean working environment.
    Work cleanliness, proper safety procedures and equipment will be enforced bv the MSS.

    5. Complete production and quality control documentation.
    The MSS is responsible for the handing up of the weekly machining records for all production machines (Topper, Lathe & other machines) to the data entry section for processing. Quality reports are also to be filled out by the MSS, this will be done though both hands on checking as well as though the CMM. He will also be responsible to create non-conformance reports when errors have been found. These reports are to be handed directly to the manager and then steps are to be taken to rectify the error.

    Other Responsibilities
    1. Usage of parts and consumables
    The senior needs to be aware and record production usage of parts and consumables. This will mainly be done with the production report and the report from the store regarding replaced cutters. When these do not add up then the senior needs to address this with the production staff and other machinist.

    2. Requests
    The head of machine shop can make requests of the purchasing department for purchases of components and supplies required by the machine shop. Ideally most of these supplies will be bought in advance and stock kept to minimize the downtime or re ordering. The request can be made either to the purchasing officer or to the store person.

    3. Training
    As the head of dept. it is your responsibility to train those under you such as the machinist and offsiders of how to properly use the machinery in the Megastra Tool shop, this will need to be an organized event suitable for ISO9000 records which the staff need to sign off on. The training for yourself will be conducted with the machine suppler professionally. 
    Limitations of Responsibility
    As the head of the machine shop you are to be the senior supervisor, but not responsible for the machinists. You are only to guide and inform them of any wrong doings or ways that they can improve their work. It is also required that this information be passed onto management for reflection and possible action. The head of shop is not to hire/fire.

    Education & Character Requirements
    1. Strong personality and self-confident.
    2. Mature and with a good ability to resolve conflicts passively.
    3. Detail orientated.
    4. Understanding of technical drawings and terminology.
    5. Minimum of 10 years experience of both programming and operation of CNC equipment.
    6. Good hands on skill for manual machinery (lathes, mills, etc..)

    Contract Estimates
    Length ongoing
    Location Klang, Malaysia
    Probation period 3 months
    Wages RM5000+ negotiable based on experience to a maximum of RM8000 per month (gross)
    Accommodation See note below.
    Leave As per Malaysian labour law.
    Family Joining Is allowed but they are not to stay in a shared hostel (Applicant will need to arrange own housing) & we do not officially assist in relocation, we may help with guidance on who the candidate may need to see to arrange however


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