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    Company - STS Abu Dhabi shutdown
    ANDT Incharge
    Rigging Incharge
    Material Incharge
    Infrastructure Incharge
    Support Service Incharge 
    Sub Contractor Incharge
    Administration Incharge
    Exp Min 7 yrs , Shutdown or turn around + Gulf / GCC Exp in Oil and gas 
      Planning Manager / Planning Engineer - P6
      Oil and gas , shutdown/ turnaround Projects , Gcc / Gulf exp / Diploma Mechanical
      10+ years experience
      Deputy Turnaround Manager
          Exp- oil & gas plant with shutdown or Turnaround Projects 
          Min 10 yrs exp as Manager post
          Manager - CDU 
          Exp Degree Mech 
          Min 9 yrs in oil and gas with shutdown or turnaround projects
          Unit Incharge 
          Should be aware of PTW Procedures - Mechanical Eng (roating)
          Exp in oil and gas,Shutdown / turnaround Projects,Gulf / GCC
          10+ years experience
      Interview - Anuptech Technical Institute, Mumbai - 09-08-2019 (Friday )
    Recruiter Name:Kushbu Kumari
    Telephone:0484 4074021, 7907996399 

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