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Smart Tradzt (formerly known as Acceval) is one of the pioneers in the Asia Pacific region for pricing optimisation, margin management and commercial excellence software solution, specialising in the petrochemicals, oil & energy and commodity industries. The software solution is implemented at clients including Fortune 500 companies (such as Petronas), multinationals and regional conglomerates. 
Extending beyond the enterprise; our latest innovation, Smart Tradzt digital commerce platform digitizes end to end commercial processes between buyers and sellers, optimizes commercial decisions and provides collaborative e-Commerce with dynamic and frictionless experience.
Personalised dynamic pricing and customer offer is enabled using data driven Artificial Intelligence. Likewise, buyer's sourcing and procurement decisions are also optimized for commodity products using unique algorithms. 
Smart Tradzt solution facilitates Ecosystem collaborations along the value chain with trading partners, logistics players, financial institutions, service providers, suppliers and co-producers through a secured platform powered by blockchain Technology.
We have also won several awards including Best Customer Return On Investment (from SAP), Best Industrial Application (from IDA Singapore) and Best Business Case Study Award (from Singapore Business Review)

Data Scientist / Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence Lead
    • Experience with Python (preferable) or R
    • Actual experience deploying models in production environment (preferably within AWS)
    • If possible, experience developing the following type of models or applying the following algorithms
    o Decision trees (eg CART/CHAID) for purpose of segmentation (eg price segmentation)
    o Logistics Regression e.g. for purpose of win probability models
    o Customer Churn Modeling
    o Predictive Price Forecasting (ARIMA-X, Neural Network, Text Mining)
    o Linear Programming (Optimisation) for profit optimisation or cost minimisation
    o Clustering Analysis (eg Hierarchical / K-Mean) for purpose of customer segmentation
    o Product Recommendation Models
    • Experience deploying models with large amount of data and fine tune the system performance
    • Preferably, experience in deploying models in AWS
    • Minimum 5 years experience in data science area.

  • Senior JAVA Developer

  • Duties and Responsibilities
    • Work with other members of a planning team to develop a prototype plan for an enterprise system that will process millions of records per day, including what key features system users require in the system as well as integration strategies to update existing systems that will transition into the new system build down the road
    • Develop modules of the initial enterprise system plan and work with the development team by coding advanced portions of the modules and delegating routine coding to junior Java developers
    • Conduct the testing of completed code modules with the help of junior Java developers, fixing code as needed to ensure a smooth system deployment with the intended functionality
    • Plan and execute all deployment of system features and monitor for successful integration, maintaining the system throughout its lifecycle
    • Build, test and support various desktop applications at the request of the business support department

  • Required Candidate profile

    • Minimum 7 years of experience in a relevant role

    • Technical Knowledge
    o Java EE, Java8+, Spring Related Framework, JUnit 
    o SpringBoot
    o Database Technology: SQL and NoSQL
    o HTML5, CSS3, Javascript (ES6), JQuery
    o Familiar on Git technology and GitHub 
    o Bonus : Angular2
    o Bonus : Docker
    o Bonus : Microservices framework
    o Bonus : iOS and Android mobile app development
    o Bonus : Amazon Web Service cloud computing

    • Project Experience
    o At least build and deliver 1 enterprise system project

    Working Location - Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. 

    o Successfully delivered an Angular2 project is a plus
    o Previous experience with CRM system, Logistic system and Banking system is a bonus
    o Previous experience with ERP system like SAP (SD Module) and integration to SAP is a plus
    o Previous experience with Business Intelligence solution is a plus.
    Blockchain Lead
    • Design and Development Experience with Hyperledger or Quorum (private chain of Ethereum) for private permissioned blockchain system
    • Minimum 3 years experience
    • Blockchain experience for supply chain tracking (bonus)
    • Smart Contract experience (bonus)
    • Experience deploying hyperledger or quorum in AWS or Azure (Bonus)
    • PS: No functional or business process knowledge is required as this will be provided by the hiring company (i.e. business process design is completed. Just need to blockchain enable the application).

  • Working location: Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
      Email Address:

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