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We have noticed over the past years that there is a big gap between qualified candidates and companies who required professionals from across the world, to fill this gap, I along with a team of a strong professionals laid the solid foundations to fill the gap and connect them. We came up with this vision to serve the community in the best way on one hand to help the professionals to find the right job, and on the other hand to help companies find the "best fit".Our values are honesty, dedication and transparency that run in every member of the company.With this, we are striving every day to serve this eminent aspect of the society. We strive to develop and sustain a vibrant work society based on ambitious cadres .We have a clear vision to be a leader in human resources services and an optimal partner in selecting and hiring qualified personnel in all sectors and in all major companies. Providing employment services and offering quality advisory services, taking into account flexibility in keeping pace with the competitive market.We share our clients in the decision-making process and seek to provide the best solutions and alternatives that will develop their business.Develop existing and future employees in institutions, reduce the burden of human resources management and contribute to the conduct of their business. Manage customer needs with team spirit at work.
    Qualification: Masters/Bachelor's degree in Engineering (Mechanical) 
    Experience: Should have expertise in all fields of recruitment like oil &gas, medical , engineering, admin as well the knowledge of complete recruitment process. 

    Nationality: Indian 
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