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Provides Oversight for all activities related to automation of plant and maintaining plant machinery and Equipment to ensure 
-Effective Utilization of Installed machines
-Minimization of downtime of the machines
-Ensure high reliability of the machines 
Ability to develop and implement systems and processes for ensuring periodic and preventive maintenance and ensuring that emergency troubleshooting and maintenance support as readily available as needed. 
Planning the annual maintenance for the plant in accordance with the production targets and existing plant parameters
Supervising the maintenance and Energy Audits
Plan for evaluating the machine efficiency and introduce modifications for cost optimization
Able to formulate and strategize effective section management to maximize plant efficiency and achievement of production targets. Promote implementation of ISO and EMS standards in operation areas.
Knowledge of BOPET/BOPP/ CPP products ,Manufacturing process & Equipments
Robust Knowledge of Plant Machinery

Knowledge of PLC, SCADA,HVAC, DC/AC Drives and Gauging system knowledge .
Ability to think out of the box and can create innovative solutions to work problems
Ability to go beyond customers need and expectations and understand the correlation between Customer satisfaction to Business impact and Act accordingly
Ability to think about organization and teams first before self. Ability to create a level of trust, mutual respect and sharing approach in the team.
Take personal responsible for achieving the results . Ability to go beyond what is needed in every situation by overcoming obstacles
Ability to handle problems using logically and systematic approach
Ability to develop long term strategies by understanding the weaknesses and strengths of the organization.
Identify opportunities for new products and services within or outside the organization and creative ideas for Business deals . Also, keeps self-updated with the new Govt. policies, laws and market information.
Ability to play crucial role in facilitating and implementing changes and encouraging others to find different & creative approaches addressing problems and opportunities

13+ years experience

Do not Apply if not from same Industry

Recruiter Name: Ruchi Gusain 
Company: UFlex Ltd. 
Email :

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