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System Administrator
    Must manage,maintain, upgrade,support & troubleshoot systems,servers,services, other hardware. Ensure, enhance & improve their performance.
    Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity.
    2nd & 3rd level technical support&backup recovery
    3+ years experience
    Graphic Designer
        Design and sketch the art work of websites, web applications,etc. Samples production
        Image editing and retouching
        Media and publication production assistance
        Development of relevant documents and attendance of relevant meeting
        4+ years experience
        SQL Database Administrator
            Install, maintain, upgrade,test, optimize & assure the operating of the databases.Assist in database design & sizing.Ensure data security.Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity.Troubleshooting& recovery of database issues.Backup and Backup recovery
            3+ years experience
            Web/ .Net Developer
                Website & web technologies developer.Upload content,work on SEOs, quality assurance, implement improvements & security measures. Troubleshooting and solving Incidents and issues.Development of relevant documents and attendance of relevant meeting
                5+ years experience

Contract: 6 Months+ Extendable

Poonam Naidu

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