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    We have an opening for our client which is having an Water treatment chemical Company in Saudi below is the JD,

    Wanted A person who have Experience in Saudi Chemical Company's only. 

    1. BTech Chemical Engineers only requested.
    2. Sales Experience in Boiler Treatment chemicals, Chiller water chemicals, Cooling Tower chemicals, RO Treatment chemicals, RO Membrane Cleaning Chemicals, Waste water chemicals, Swimming pool chemicals, specialty chemicals, Oil drilling chemicals, Potable water chemicals etc.,
    3. Highly experienced Sales Engineers in the above related specified areas
    4. Status on Transferable visa to be specified / to be stated
    5. Notice Period of Candidate to be mentioned
    6. Sales Target achieved is requested

    If interested please send me you Updated CV at or can call at 9136052410 or if any of you fiends are there who would be interested please let us Know.

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