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We have urgent overseas job openings for "SAUDI ARAMCO" for Saudi Arabia.


Attend, observe and supervise all facility within camp site.
Attend, respond and act against all site client personnel requests, demands and instructions in time. Apply positive attitude all the time to maintain client satisfaction.
Patrol & check all camp/site premises, cabinets, facilities & equipment are in proper working condition. Report maintenance & operation team if any repair required and follow it up till done.
Collect and maintain record for daily checklists of equipment at site and make sure they are properly completed.
Order catering/extra meals for sites.
Oversee hygiene of food, mess hall, toilets, and all public areas are neat & clean. Also observe all housekeeping & laundry.

Observe stock materials at site, maintain record on usage/consumption, inventory list for all assets within site.
Collect weekly time/trip sheets of all site manpower, review & forward to FM office.
Order, attend and maintain record on weekly/per order services i.e. diesel filling, pest control, garbage skips etc. make sure that service been delivered & executed properly.
Maintain record on certification/inspection for all site personnel, equipment or units, validity & renewal date should be tracked and requested of Operation by enough period prior to expiry.

Maintain record to assure preventive maintenance/service of all light & heavy equipment by timely manner.
Prepare and obtain signature of client for monthly tickets, record and forward to FM office for invoicing.
At camp move, along with site & maintenance team, check & secure all cabinets, units, and equipment etc. for safe loading/offloading.
Upon mobilization to new site check and services, supplies, equipment etc. are working properly and at fine condition.

Graduate of BA or equivalent
3-5 years operations coordinator experience / Camp Boss
Advance computer skills

Kindly arrange to send updated detailed CV to Email ID -

Mode of interview will be SKYPE.

Call Ms. Julie 022 61957501 / 8879013265 (call & whatsapp)

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