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As Neptunus grows, we realize the need to attract the best people. We are committed to make working at Neptunus an enriching and enjoyable experience, and to make Neptunus one of the best places to work in India. We want people who are bright, driven and willing to play a crucial role in our growth story. We expect that everyone who works at Neptunus will assume a leadership role in the organization.
We truly believe that technology and skills are replicable, but our people and culture differentiate us. We are united in our drive to become amongst the best places to work in India & Dubai - through empowerment, transparency and an emphasis on high performance

LOCATION IS UAE- Ras al Khaimah

Open to hiring the Philippines, Indians and UAE Residents having previous working experience in UAE

Outcomes Expected - These should correspond with KRA/KPIs of the individual

  1. The candidate will have to familiarise himself well with the basket of products under ExtenSave such as vibrations sensors, pressure and temperature sensors, speed and angular motion sensors etc, oil filtration systems and online oil monitoring sensors. He will be required to prepare an exhaustive list of prospects. He will deliver the following: 30 Customer visits per month in UAE and GCC countries, each customer to be visited at least 5 times till order is secured
  2. Add 30 customers to the prospect list every month. Prepare database of each prospect and list down the decision makers
  3. Be responsible for physical verification of inventory of stock in UAE warehouse once every month
  4. Be responsible for US$ 1.5million in annual sales
  5. Shall handle all commercial documentation such as LCs etc independently
Required Candidate profile
Experience in: 
  1. Sales of engineering products in UAE and GCC 
  2. Knowledge Of: Letter of Credits, VAT in UAE, Import and Export formalities in Either Marine, Offshore of Power Generation Industry in UAE 
Certifications:Technology: Should be able to adapt and understand the principles of oil filtration, sensors, basics of how vibrations are measured.
Communication: Good communication skills, written English
Behavioural Traits: Co-ordinate with Indian Office and other Sales Manager in UAE, send weekly reports.

Others: Must possess UAE Driving license.
Challenges of the RoleSolution selling is More challenging than selling products
Thorough knowledge of products is essential, sustained efforts required.
Perks and Benefits 
14000 AED per month

Ms. Anushri Jadhav

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