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Call Center Manager
  • Hiring, training, coaching, and leading call center representatives as they provide support for customers.
  • Answering representative's questions, guiding them through difficult calls or issues, diffusing angry customers, or handling issues that cannot be fielded by representatives
  • Leading team meetings, asking questions to better understand the calls representatives are receiving, educating and coach workers regarding processes and practices, and explain expectations to employees.
  • Assisting other management team members in identifying trends and establishing call center goals.
  • Ensuring staff members are achieving desired service levels and taking corrective action, as needed.
  • Preparing reports and analyzing call center data to improve processes, ensure resources are properly allocated, and maximize efficiency and customer satisfaction.
  • Authorizing replacements or refunds.
  • Taking on other tasks or projects to support employees, other managers, and call center operations
  • 5+ years experience

    Call Center Executive
    Deliver to the Employees, Customer and Shareholder metrics as per goals
    Adherence to quality and compliance guidelines
    Ability to take quick decisions and respond to Customer inquiries
    1-6 years of prior experience in international calling process
    Customer service background
    Able to work in 24/7 environment


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