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The building architect designs and studies interior and exterior design projects
or the construction of a structure according to the environment and the regulations. Establishes the configuration of a structure or a space (sketch, plan, 3D, ...) and defines the appropriate technical properties. Coordinates and monitors the phases of work. Carries out research and market development.

Description of the main missions and tasks:
- Design an architectural project
- Sketch a project to create or fit out a building or space
- Carry out surveys and reconstruct the plans of an existing structure before modifications
- Appraisal of buildings
- Handle the process of applying for building permits
- Select suppliers, subcontractors, service providers
- Transform the general design of an architectural project into detailed plans and models
- Design the digital model of a built structure

- Determine the modalities of the site (cost, deadlines, construction method ...)
- Coordinate the different intervention phases of building trades
- Supervise the progress of a site
- Supervise the compliance of a project
- Take charge of a completed work
- Carry out construction and renovation projects for buildings, individual houses,
civil engineering, public works projects
- Prospect new markets
- Process commercial files
- Coordinate the activity of a team

Required Candidate profile

You are voluntary, dynamic, ambitious, rigorous, methodical and involved.
You demonstrate an excellent perception of space, thoroughness, precision and creativity.
You want to join for the long term, integrate yourself into a structure promoting autonomy,
having a real team spirit and advocating versatility.
You appreciate the diversity in the projects and you will be able to deal with all types of construction.
Your responsiveness will allow you to move quickly and easily from one project to another with precision.
Do not hesitate to apply to join our company with a human touch.
The contract is generally long term, subject to the work permit regulations. Normally these are for a three year period and are renewable.
Lodging and Boarding is offered and employees can make their own meals. Transport to office is take charge of.


Mohd. Mofid Alam / Jaspal

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