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Position: UI/UX Graphics Designer 

Bangkok, Thailand

  • To maximise sales and deliver brand integrity through effective visual merchandising strategy. 
  • To communicate the strategy effectively and efficiently in the e-commerce channel. 
  • To achieve consistent and high-quality visual merchandising standards across all aspects of the brand. 
Job Description 

* Developing visual merchandising layouts that enhance the brand value and drives sales. 
* Liaise with Business teams to ensure their vision for each product range is reflected in the merchandising layouts. 
* Apply commercial aptitude to ensure visual layouts maximise sales of key drivers. 
* Review merchandising layouts regularly to ensure visual impact of the brand remains fresh and is effectively promoting new lines. 
* Standardise visual merchandising guides across channels for the brand. 
* Communicating clear, concise and timely information. 
* Develop Product concept, product video shots direction, infographics, etc. 
* Study the trends in the local Thai market and ensure the creative output matches with the tastes and culture of Thailand. 
* Setup automation of banner/product cover creation wherever possible to reduce lead times and ensuring consistency. 
* Lead the Visual Merchandising team and develop their skills to achieve the above objectives. 
* Skills: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, etc.
Key Skills 
* Minimum 2 years of experience in the E-commerce industry 
* Can speak English and willing to learn Thai language if required
* Dynamic and passionate to work in the ever-changing E-commerce industry 
* Hard-working as well as smart working to achieve high growth for the company 
* Team-player to coordinate with different members


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