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The Maldives Business School is a college located in the heart of Male, the capital of the Maldives. It has a popular portfolio of courses in business management, HRM, marketing, banking, accounting, finance, IT and advertising design and media.

We are seeking qualified and enthusiastic applicants, for immediate start, for the position of Lecturer Management and Finance. The job requires teaching planning, teaching, assessment and work related to student learning.

Key Requirements

1. Bachelor's degree and MBA or Master's in relevant subjects
2. Must be able to teach a range of subjects including management subjects and accounting and finance
3. Must have an excellent command of spoken and written English
4. Must be in good physical and mental health
5. Total commitment to the learning needs of students will be required. For us our students needs come first.
6. Must have good interpersonal skills, ability to work in a team and contribute to organizational goals.
7. Must be free from commitments that require frequent attention or travel.
8. Must have a valid passport and be willing to re-locate to Malé, Maldives within 10 days after accepting the job offer

A. Teaching planning and preparation
1. Making schemes of work
2. Making lesson plans
3. Making resource materials including PowerPoint presentations, handouts and worksheets
B. Teaching
1. Lesson delivery
2. Tutoring weak students
C. Assessing
1. Preparing assessment briefs according to the School's academic standards and curricular criteria
2. Preparing assessment evaluation rubrics
3. Tutoring students on assessment activities
4. Marking and grading assessment activities and giving feedback to students
5. Preparing and keeping assessment records for internal and external verification
D. Giving feedback to students
1. Giving feedback to students on attendance, participation in class, and assessment activities
2. Engaging students in studies online on the student portal and relevant messaging apps
E. Participating in professional development
1. Attending professional development programs
2. Participating in planning own professional development activities
F. Services
1. Working on committees
2. Attending meetings, conferences, fairs and other promotional activities
3. Preparing reports
Salary and Benefits

* Salary: USD 1000 per month
* Accommodation: provided OR given an allowance of MVR 6,500
* Over time: Calculated based on Basic Salary and paid in MVR.
* Return ticket: To the employee's country's city closest to the Maldives upon completion of 12 months of service
* Sick leave and emergency leave: 10 days per year
* Paid annual leave: 30 calendar days
* Period: 2 years from the Hire Date, renewable upon good performance
* Hire date: 1 February 2020
* Work hours: 14:00 hours to 23:00 hours, Saturday to Thursday. Most of our students have full-time jobs and attend classes after hours. This schedule may change to accommodate the needs of the School.

* 1-2 hour or more per day of overtime may be required.
* Other paid work: Not allowed.

How to Apply

Send your resume to: with scanned copies of the following documents.

1. Data page copy of your passport
2. MBA or Master's degree certificate
3. Bachelor's degree certificate
4. GCE Advanced Level certificate
What to Expect Next

We will review your resume to ensure that you meet the basic qualifications and may interview the best-qualified applicants over the telephone.

A final offer for this position is typically made within 5 days after the deadline for applications.

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