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Position: Paramedic - (Male Candidate Only)

Position Objective:
You will need to assess a patient's condition and provide essential treatment.

Duties & Responsibilities:
Resuscitating and stabilizing patients;
Using high-tech equipment e.g. defibrillator;
Applying spinal and traction splints;
Administering intravenous drips, drugs and oxygen.
Provide an immediate course of treatment en route to hospital or at the scene;
Use technical equipment, including ventilators to assist breathing and defibrillators to treat heart failure, in order to resuscitate and stabilize patients;
Carry out certain surgical procedures when necessary, such as intubation (insertion of a breathing tube);
Monitor the patient's condition;
Decide if admission to hospital is necessary and assess how to move patients and where the best location is for them;

Liaise with members of other emergency services, such as the police, fire brigade or coast guard and other ambulance services to ensure the appropriate level of response is provided;
Work closely with doctors and nurses in hospital accident and emergency departments, briefing them as their patient arrives at hospital;
Deal with members of the public and family members present at the scene;
Clean, decontaminate and check vehicles and equipment to maintain a state of operational readiness;
Assist with patient care in hospitals or health care centres;
  • Produce thorough case notes and report the patient's history, condition and treatment to relevant hospital staff.
Core Deliverables:
The work is physically demanding and can be psychologically and emotionally stressful.

Internal Cross Working Relations (Department/position):
Reading professional publications and useful information published in bulletin boards;
Conduct classes which provides benefits including various levels of insurance cover, access to a regional network and different resources and products.

External Working Relations:
community hospitals;
health centres;
hospital accident and emergency departments;
Minor injuries units.
attending conferences

job specification:

Complete a university course at diploma, foundation degree or degree level
Apply for a position within an ambulance trust as a student paramedic and study while working.
Registered with the Health & Care Professions Council (HCPC) and to do this you'll need to have completed an approved paramedic science qualification will be value addition.

Relevant Experience :
5 years' experience of dealing with the public, especially sick, disabled and elderly people;
first aid certificates as evidence of your interest;
voluntary experience in organizations such as Ambulance services and or Blue/Red Cross;
experience in life-saving techniques, which you can gain by volunteering as a community 'first responder' in association with local ambulance services;
Office-based work in an ambulance service

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