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Education: Bachelor in  Mechanical Engineering or Diploma in Mechanical  engineering

Should Have Knowledge On P-91 Material (Mandatory)

Roles and Responsibilities:
  • Review erection drawings and generate requirement of material to store.
  • Fabrication, Erection, Commissioning, Alkali flushing, Hydro Test, COD, RRT, PG Test, Project execution, Project Management, Progress monitoring    
  • Ensure project material is available at site as issued
  • Ensure erection is done as per drawings and FQAP and inspection protocols are maintained.
  • In case any modification / rectification Raise NCR and get it signed from customer.
  • Maintain resource utilized for modification / rectification and get it signed from customer for raising extra claims.
  • Ensure 100% work is completed as per drawings and till attending punch list.
  • Ensure proper utilization fo resources and productivity is maintained.
  • Ensure safety
  • Ensure quality
  • Reconciliation of project material
  • Signing workmen attendance and co-ordination with HR.
  • Preparation of markup drawings for as built preparation.
  • Ensure effective utilization of manpower, consumable, t &p.
  • Maintain inspection protocols and stage inspection reports.
  • Awareness about works contract and national & international code requirements.
  • Usage of testing and inspection of various instruments and familiar with calibration procedures.
  • Awareness about QMS stipulated by HQ.
  • Should have good Knowledge on P-91 material
  • Fit-Up & Alignment inspections of LP &HP Piping, Auxiliary equipments & Condenser and Check all the expansion point for smooth commissioning.
  • Review the FQP, checklists, and Methodology.
  • Checking of piping hanger support and guiding devices.
  • Checking of Protocols & Inspection reports.
  • Monitoring and Handling Inspection activities
  • The work should follow the Safety Working Procedure (SWP)
  • Signing of Protocols, Records, Punching check list prior to Hydro test and witnessing the hydro test and hand over to commissioning dept.
  • Consummate professionals with excellent planning, execution, monitoring and supervision of construction activities attention to details as well as the ability to build and lead effective teams.
  • Ensure that the equipment is used for testing (or) construction activities is calibrated or not and it having a valid calibration certificate.
  • Identification of non-conformities and coordination in resolving NCRs and Review of Calibration Certificates and involve in calibration processes at site
  • To Detect and Eliminate cause of defect which occur during manufacturing and commissioning.
  • Study of relevant Specification and Codes of Indian Turbine Regulations ASME, API, IS etc.,
  • Review the contractor's documents related to Quality
  • Checking contractor's performance in terms of quality related issues.
  • Follow up of immediate corrective action for defect list ,NCR and other points related
  • Stage inspection of erection and all activities i.e. Turbine and Pipe line network etc. and Control of Test Certificates, Slope maintaining during drain line, Valve direction & degree as per drawing etc.
  • Ensuring identification of products and traceability as required and indicating inspection and test status of jobs inspected and Final inspection of completed site construction activities and involve in preparation of as build drawings and protocol's.
  • Preparation of monthly, fortnightly, reports for defect list of all construction area.
  • Participation in Quality audit & Meetings with Client as well as subcontractors.
  • Resolving and raising NCR.
  • Increase moral of colleagues and contractors.
  • Cost control and improvement towards completion of specific job.
  • Actively participate in preparation & follow up of DCN for the change in drawing at site.
  • Actively participate in commissioning of Turbine and Auxiliary equipments.
  • Involved in the activities like Hydro test of LP & HP Piping, Alkali flushing, COD (Commercial Operation and Declaration), RRT (Reliability Run Test), PG Test (Performance guarantee test).
  • Worked in commissioning (Maintenance support) of the Turbine.
  • Responsible includes commissioning and maintenance of CPU unit (Condensate polishing unit), SWAS system (Steam water analysis system), and Chemical dosing system.
  • Implementing preventive/breakdown maintenance of Turbine & its auxiliaries.   
  • Material checking to evaluate the properties of materials, Part, Product for the further work, Visual inspection for welding joints, and ultrasonic test (UT) OR Radiographic test (RT) will be needed as per system requirements.

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