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EDMAC (Engineer for Design, Management, Architectural and Civil) is a highly motivated and efficiently managed team of engineers, architects and planners that has worked on many challenging projects across UAE and India. The Company has strong technical roots in India and is well-known for its engineering and architectural acumen in the UAE. It is uniquely positioned in the field of "Contractor Oriented" consultancy and has the technical prowess to undertake Civil, Structural, Architectural, Industrial and MEP projects.
It is amongst the very few consultancy companies that have a proven track record of performance coupled with consistent quality work, delivered within time and budget.
We have a reputation for getting things right and delivering beyond expectation - a result of its collective experience, expertise and a dedicated, tightly knit multi-disciplinary team. From feasibility studies and detailed engineering designs to the project management and actual implementation of roads, bridges, residential and commercial buildings, industries, educational institutes and hotels - EDMAC has done it all!

Resident Engineer

Project Director

Candidate must have full knowledge of Building Constructions and Finishing work of building, Quality, Planning and understanding of Building drawing, design (MAP) related with construction. 

Collaborate with engineers, architects etc. to determine the specifications of the project.

Negotiate contracts with external vendors to reach profitable agreements.

Project Planning
Project Management
Target orientation and accomplishment
Statutory Compliances
Labour Management
Resource Allocation
Project Financial Management
Corporate Relations
Managing Reports and Documentation

8+ years experience

Divya / Shipra
+91 11 46078600

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