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- Development of HW near Test-SW under Linux for HW Design
- Validation of complex infotainment systems
- Support in planning and coordination of tasks like software development, i.e. design, implementation, verification and documentation of test SW under Linux

Required Candidate profile
- Experience in planning and coordination of tasks in the following environment:
- Good knowledge of ARM processor architecture, Qualcomm processors
- Experience in hardware-related development with the various bus systems (I2C, I2S, LIN, CAN, UART, SPI, USB, PCIe) and Bluetooth/WLAN
- good knowledge of Linux embedded software development (C/C++)
- Development under Linux and application of Open Source and QT
- Linux system knowledge, BT/WLAN, Ethernet
- good knowledge of target debugging and error analysis

- Experience in the use of measuring instruments for hardware commissioning (logic analyzer, oscilloscope)
- Experience in the area of SCM tools (GIT, ClearCase, ...)
- Independent working method
- good knowledge of English, both written and spoken, and if possible German
- Completed studies in computer science
- Electrical engineering or information technology
- Dipl.-Ing,/Dipl.-Inf.
- B.Sc./M.Sc.
- B.Eng./M.Eng.

5+ years experience
Darshini Ashra

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