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The Stock controller shall oversee inventory audits and maintain reports of purchases and pricing. He/She must provide strategies of ensuring maintenance of a good stock level at all times.

Key responsibilities:

To maintain an accurate record of inventory and stock management system according to set standards.

Carry out assessment of supply chain to identify risks and develop solution to avert the same.

To oversee the placing of orders to ensure requested goods are delivered on time.

Maintain good contact with clients and suppliers to establish better working relations.

To ensure that the regulation of in stock level complies with inventory parameters.

To develop inventory control model that promotes better sales.

To coordinate with manufacturers and suppliers to ensure consistent quality products at all times.

To negotiate with suppliers on pricing to reach a favorable bargain.

Manage purchasing orders for incoming equipment.

Ensure supplied stock meet market demands.

To prevent overstocking and under stocking of products.

Track and ensure deliveries are received.

To make stock list of damaged inventory.

Organize proper storage of all the items in stock.

To increase profitability and effectiveness by maintaining optimal stock levels of quality products.

Tracking shipments and communicate any delay.

To forecast demand and supply to avoid over stocking and running out of stock.

Perform any other duties as may be assigned by management

Experience: 0 - 2 years
    Recruiter Name:Sunil Dabla

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