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Expanding Top London Restaurant Company specialising in Indian cuisine.
We own and operate 7 highly-acclaimed pan-Indian restaurants - Masala Zone.
They are amongst the world's best Indian restaurants for food, style and professional management

Hands-on preparation of menu items daily, including wide variety of vegetables, as well as the full range of stand alone restaurant responsibilities

Required Candidate profile

At least 9 years high quality experience cooking Indian food in one of the reputable 4 / 5 star hotel groups in India, of which 2 years experience in banquets.

Good knowledge of curries made directly in handis without use of separate gravies, large variety of vegetarian dishes, dal, and snack items.

Many menu items change daily, so knowledge of wide variety of vegetables essential.

Used to working on the range, with proven leadership skills.

Good Catering College degree or Food Craft Diploma. 31-36 years of age.

Provide current salary details, marital and family status (inc number of children) and names of references with mobile numbers

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Camellia Panjabi

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