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Quality Engineering & Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (QuEST) is a leading provider of engineering solutions for advanced technology products in the Aerospace, Automotive, Power Generation, Oil & Gas, and Industrial Product domains. We are a Six Sigma trained company with expertise that ranges from concept to product realization services

  • Work Experience to execute items of following job description b ut not needed to satisfy all items, most important competency is faithful work attitude
  • More than 8 years' experience for airport facility design.
Qualification if possible
  • Work experience in airport terminal Design or ancillary facilities as architect or building engineer
  • Knowledge of international or local standards (like IBC, BS)
  • If having actual work experience using ICAO or IATA ADRM, very preferable
Job Description
  • Functional basic planning of terminal design and ancillary facilities
  • Developing basic plan including of terminal design and ancillary facilities including meeting with stakeholders (operators and government authorities)
  • Developing detail design
  • Create inquiry package to local subcontractors
  • Communicate and negotiate with local subcontractors
  • Handle shop and construction drawing (Review and manage shop and construction deliverable from subcontractors)
 Location: Tokyo, Japan

A Ramakrishna Reddy

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