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Expertise in handling Finance, Risk Management, Finance Analysis & Fraud Analysis.

Job Description:

Taking care of all the activities related to Business Finance.
Responsible for all Premium Collections, deposition, reconciliations, receipting and their complete tracking.
Ensuring timely payments of both Claims and other payouts.
Ensuring proper booking of Premium on daily basis with all the information.
Ensuring complete claims accounting right form reserving to settlement and proper tracking reporting.
Commission processing as per the guidelines, timely payments, regular meetings with intermediaries, their quarry handling and providing quick resolution for better relationship management.
Ensuring proper accounting and provisions related to various expenses and incomes to present correct picture of the business.
Core team for planning of business and development.
Part of all the development and new-ins into the organization and assuming critical roles.
Ensuring proper smooth collections of all premiums in controlled manner and their timely deposition.

Monitoring BRS on daily basis to ensure complete control of all the collections and payments.
Funds management to have smooth payments for claims, commissions and other critical payments.
Regular meetings with branch staff and intermediaries for better relationship management and proactive solutions wherever required.
Proper reconciliations with channel partners, intermediaries, ect.
Reinsurance accounting for both obligatory and non-obligatory cessions with close work with actuarial to ensure no loss to the organizations.
Timely settlement of co-insurance and reinsurance accounting.
Leading the team for the front for the timely closure of books of accounts whether it is monthly closing or Quarterly, half-yearly and Yearly.
Ensuring not only completion of data but also the accuracy in all the transactions.
Taking care of both internal audit as well as statutory audit and working with the team towards the closure within the stipulated time schedule.

10+ years experience
    Recruiter Name:Sunil Dabla

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