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- Provides the highest level of service and safety for all flight crews, owners and employees by accomplishing feasibility analysis.
- Preparation of flight plans (ATC and OFP) considering legal and internal guidelines, weather conditions, air space conditions, slots and passenger comfort, economic aspects as fuel prices as well as feasibility
- Obtaining landing and overflight permissions and slots, ground handling requests and coordination
- Monitor slots, NOTAM, ATC, weather monitoring, and advising when trips are affected along with a plan of action for those affected trips.
- Briefing of crew members on upcoming flights.
- Special procedures such as Emergency Response Plan.
- Provide support functions for Flight Following, Crew Scheduling, and catering
- Travel and accommodation arrangements for crews
- Post-flight administration participate in entering the flight log data into the flight scheduling software system
- Preparing of crew roster considering legal and internal guidelines
- Administrative duties as assigned by management.

Minimum Qualifications:

- FAA, DGCA, Or any recognized ICAO  Flight Dispatcher License is required.

- Bachelor's Degree. (preferably in Aviation industry)

- Related Work Experience: 3+ years' in corporate/private/charter jet industry.

- Good understanding of FAR's related to part 91.

- Operational Control, crew scheduling and planning background required.

- Expert in Microsoft office software

- Fluent in English

- Willingness for shift work incl. working at weekends/holidays

- The ability to work under pressure and have professional behaviour


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