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Medical Gas Technician Operator

Monitoring and maintaining Medical Gas Supplies to the required standard to ensure life support of patient services.
Carries out operation and maintenance of all Medical Air and Medical Vacuum Compressors, standby Manifolds, Liquid Storage Vessels and Piped Medical Gas Lines.
Ensures that all controls and alarms are fully functional, correctly set and that these settings are recorded.
Carries out checks and planned maintenance to ensure that plant continues to run in optimum condition.
Carries out all necessary minor upgrades and new works to the Medical Gas System as required by the Director of Operations & Maintenance.
Ensures that there is an adequate supply of Medical Gases available to meet the demands of the hospital.
Carryout the filing of Medical Oxygen Cylinders as required and ensuring stocks are maintained on wards and clinics.
Repairing, testing and calibration of Flow Meters and Suction units.

Refrigeration Technician

Refrigeration Technicians, commonly known as Refrigeration Mechanics, repair, install and troubleshoot refrigeration systems. They can work on industrial climate-control systems, such as HVAC units, ice machines, beverage equipment and refrigerated storage units.

Boiler operators

Boiler operators operate, repair, maintain, and adjust boilers, turbines, pumps, compressors, water lines, steam lines, valves, and all related systems and equipment. Boiler operators work in industrial environments such as factories, power plants, warehouses, and in the equipment rooms of large buildings that run on boiler systems. Boiler systems are large heating, cooling and ventilation systems usually found in large buildings, such as offices, warehouses and shopping facilities. A boiler service technician, also known as a boiler operator, keeps the boiler system operating properly by performing routine maintenance and repairs. These technicians work around machinery and often perform their tasks in uncomfortable positions or temperatures. Boiler service technicians have extensive experience in operating and maintenance of boiler systems, the ability to read blueprints, experience working with electrical systems, maintenance experience and knowledge of the tools and equipment used on the job.


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