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It is accredited (ISO 17025, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & ISO 18001). Its looking to be the first choice in providing environmental measurements locally and internationally and to be recognized as an accredited body in the implementation of environmental measurement services and to meet the needs and requirements of customers and the competent authorities with high quality and competent authorities with high quality. We are seeking to provide our services using our professional technical expertise to obtain accurate environmental data that is scientifically valid and can be officially used by the customers and the competent authorities, with our commitment to provide these data quickly and accurately. It is an environmental laboratory specializing in measurements, and environmental monitoring of physical and chemical pollutants (metals, Inorganics Non-Metallic and organics substance) in various environmental medium (water, air and soil), Food Microbiology and other parameters as needed

Lab Technician (Air) 

Qualification: Bachelor Degree/Diploma 

Experience: Should have minimum 2 years experience as a Air Lab Technician 

Metrological Technicians  

Qualification: Bachelor Degree/Diploma 

Experience; Should have minimum 5 years experience as a Metrological Technician

Weather Forecast Technician 

Qualification: Bachelor Degree/Diploma 

Experience: Should have minimum 3 years experience as a Weather Forecast Technician 

Nationality: Indian 

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