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Artificial Intelligence Expert - Data Scientist/ Machine Learning


a) Machine Learning

b) Computer Vision:

c) Image and Sensor technologies:

d) Intelligent Speech Recognition

e) Communication Systems & Protocol


Years of experience needed: PhD plus 4+years of experience; NON PhD: 8+ years

Biometrics R&D Engineer - Image Processing/ Machine Learning


- Strong domain knowledge in Biometrics (fingerprint/ iris/ face etc), image processing, pattern recognition & machine learning with hands on.

- Should have biometrics recognition software solution design and development

- Out of box thinking and research mindset to define new problems.

- Should have seen at least one product cycle.

- Self-motivated & mentoring to team.

- Excellent C / C++ Programming (A must), OpenCV, R, python

- Strong analytical and problem solving skills.

Years of experience needed: PhD plus 3+years of experience; NON PhD: 8+Yrs experience in Research and Development in fields Biometrics, Image Processing, Pattern Matching

Expert 5G - 3GPP Wireless Protocols

Job Description:

- Design and development 4G & 5G Wireless experience in 3GPP wireless protocols (4G/3G: PHY, MAC, RLC, PDCP, RRC, NAS)

- Design and development of digital HW modules on FPGA/ASIC

- Responsible for DSP software design and implementation of 3GPP (4G and 5G) physical layer signal processing algorithm Wireless Modem Systems Engineering and Algorithm Research

- Experience of development related to modem for macro Base Station(BS) Knowledge of wireless communication theory

- Hands-on experience with LTE channel coding (PUSCH, PUCCH, PRACH, EPDCCH, PDSCH, Turbo encoder and etc.)

- Performance optimization and resolving problem ability for complex HW & SW system

- Should be familiar with DSPs (like Tensilica DSP, CEVA DSP, TI DSP, Freescale DSP, Modem, SDR)

- Should have good understanding physical layer communications Should have practical exposure to LTE, LTE-Advanced, 5G

Research & Development Engineer - Vision Intelligence

1. Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition, Face Recognition, Biometrics

2. Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality / 3D Rendering / Ray Tracing / 3D Graphics

3. Visual Understanding, Visual Analytics, Video Processing

4. Camera Sensor, ISP (Image Signal Pipeline), 3A Tuning, Image Processing, Image Analysis, Color Science

Preferable to have Machine Learning / Deep Learning / Artificial Intelligence / Neural Networks expertise in either of these above mentioned area. Also good to have hands on experience working on GPU / GPGPU / CUDA / OpenCL / Caffe / Tensorflow / Python.

Years of experience needed: PhD plus 4+years of experience; NON PhD: 8+ years

Senior Principal Engineer/ Server Architect - Java/c++

Skills Required:

Expert knowledge of the following:

- Core Java, C/C++, Javascript, JSON, XML

- Jquery, Spring, Struts, Hibernate, iBatis, Node.js

- Web Services - REST, Web Security, OAuth

- mySQL, Memcache/Redis, Cassandra/Hbase, MongoDB/CouchDB

- Queue/Broker services

- Map Reduce, Hadoop, Hive, Mahout

- Lucene, Solr, ElasticSearch

- Fast Data Processing - Storm

Years of experience needed: PhD plus 4+years of experience; NON PhD: 8+ years


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