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Akshar Vidya Mandir is located at a very peaceful location with no busy traffic in the heart of Janakpur .Drawing inspiration from gurukul style of learning combined with modern tools of 21st century's education; it is a co-educational school promoting health relationship. Akshar Vidya Mandir Janakpur Pvt. Ltd. is owned by LBEF Vidyapeeth Pvt. Ltd., Kathmandu. Education, the Nepal's finest higher education providers, with over a decade of experience globally in the field of education. LBEF has proven skills in delivering holistic education to over a thousand students across the Nepal under their management, you are assured that the delivery of education in our school is innovative, constantly monitored, reviewed and of high quality international standards.Akshar Vidya Mandi is the first and only ISO 9001:2008 certified school of Janakpur. At present we offer classes upto Grade-X.

School Principal

  1. Working closely with the management team on a daily basis to ensure the smooth overall operation of the school.
  2. Supervision of Rules, regulations and instructions
  3. To provide recommendations to the team for the appointment, assignment, promotion, transfer and dismissal of all personnel assigned to his/her supervision.
  4. To ensure their school follows regulations
  5. Supporting committees of staff and parent that function to improve the learning and social environment of the school for the students.
  6. Teaching classes, developing rapport with the students, handling discipline issues and filling in for the principal when required.
  7. Resolving conflicts between students, teachers, parents or combinations of conflicts between various individuals.
  8. Assisting in yearly teacher evaluations, assisting in providing guidance to staff and students, and encouraging a positive climate in the school.
  9. Record keeping as required through the use of various logs, tracking records, computer programs, inter or intranet software or other programs.
  10. To involve in the day-to-day operations as they relate to students and faculty as a whole
  11. To deal with issues of school management, student activities and services, community relations, personnel
  12. To prepare and plan curriculum and instruction.
  13. To prepare and plan the whole years school activities and programs
2+ years experience

Science Teacher

Mathematics Teacher

English Teacher

Mathematics Teacher - Primary School

Social Studies Teacher - Primary School

Science Teacher - Primary School

Computer Teacher - Primary School

English Teacher - Primary School
  • To plan, organize and implement an appropriate instructional program in an elementary or secondary learning environment that guides and encourages students to develop and fulfill their academic potential. Work is performed under the supervision of the Vice-Principal / Principal.
  • Essential functions of the job may include but are not limited to the following: 
  • Plan, prepare and deliver lesson plans and instructional materials that facilitate active learning.
  • Develops schemes of work, lesson plans and tests that are in accordance with established procedures.
  • Instruct and monitor students in the use of learning materials and equipment.
  • Use relevant technology to support and differentiate instruction.
  • Manage student behavior in the classroom by establishing and enforcing rules and procedures.
  • Maintain discipline in accordance with the rules and disciplinary systems of the school.
  • Provide appropriate feedback on work.
  • Encourage and monitor the progress of individual students and use information to adjust teaching strategies.
  • Maintain accurate and complete records of students' progress and development.
  • Update all necessary records accurately and completely as required by laws, district policies and school regulations.
  • Prepare required reports on students and activities.
  • Participate in department, school, district and parent meetings.
  • Communicate necessary information regularly to students, colleagues and parents regarding student progress and student needs.
  • Establish and communicate clear objectives for all learning activities.
  • Prepare classroom for class activities.
  • Provide a variety of learning materials and resources for use in educational activities.
  • Observe and evaluate student's performance and development.
  • Assign and grade class work, homework, tests and assignments.
  • To Observe and evaluate children's performance, behavior, social development, and physical health.
  • To Identify children showing signs of emotional, developmental, or health-related problems, and discuss them with supervisors, parents or guardians, and child development specialists.
  • To do any other work assigned by the In-charge, Primary Section / higher authority of the school.
1+ years experience

Note : Selected candidates should join our school by 15th March, 2020 to 30th March, 2020.

Recruiter Name:Er. Prakash Kumar
Address:Wakil Tole, Bhanu Chowk, Janakpurdham, Janakpur, Nepal 45600
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