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Manufacturers of Coated peanuts which are sold across Nigeria

Manage complete production of Coated Peanuts which includes blanching, roasting, coating & drying process

Continuous R & D on new products to be added to existing portfolio and keeping management abreast to arrive at feasibility of developed product launch.

Preparing overall production plan which includes managing various process activities and manpower management; preparing production targets and achievements are set as per the dispatch schedule

Ensuring monitoring of shop floor activities to ensure smooth flow of quality measures, production and sustain safety atmosphere in the organization

Motivating the team to ensure their best productivity all the times

Closely Monitoring of Productivity, Yield, Recovery, and Wastages & Rework on Daily Basis.

Optimizing the process by eliminating different wastages and inconsistencies from the process

Closely Monitoring of Raw Material inventory, Packaging Material to manage minimum inventory stock.

Driving all the TPM activities in the factory; organizing Autonomous maintenance, Preventive Maintenance for all the equipment on shop floor.

Identifying the opportunities for technical improvement and providing technical direction to the team.

Serving as a member of Food Safety Team and performing HACCP study

Carrying out analysis of Rejection, WIP and Non-conformities and ensuring all the measures to avoid customer complaints

Perks and Benefits 
Net savings $1500 - $2000 + Accommodation + Food + Airfare + All Expat Benefits

5+ years experience

Jay Bhatt

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