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Xebia-is an international IT consultancy organization where craftsmanship and knowledge management are the key success factors. We offer a great place to work for true knowledge workers, with an inspiring work environment and colleagues to learn from.
The company's mission is 'Authority'. We strive to be the leading company in each of our target markets. Every employee directly contributes to the company mission. That is the foundation for our success.
Xebia consists of specialized units that are coherent and complementary to each other. We grow organically, based on the passion and initiative of our highly experienced people, resulting in new business entities. We have a leading position in: - Agile business change management, Agile team coaching & training , Java and modern web application technologies , Enterprise Mobile , BigData Analytics and business solutions , Specialized outsourcing services on Java and Mobile , Continuous Delivery solutions including Middleware Platforms.
Xebia was founded in 2001 and has offices in Hilversum (NL), Paris and Delhi (NCR), with over 300 employees and a revenue of around 28 M Euro (35 M USD). Xebians are frequent speakers on conferences worldwide, write books and articles, contribute to open source initiatives and share their knowledge in numerous meetings, seminars, roundtables and meet-ups. For further details you can visit the website:

Senior Software Engineer


As a Chatbot Senior Software Engineer you will be involved in the development and deployment of the organization's next generation AI chatbot platform, applications, and Virtual Assistants for our Customers and Agents.

  • - Transform Chatbot Proof of Concept software designs into Enterprise Software Solutions
  • - Incorporate Microsoft Chatbot framework into the existing products
  • - Develop Platform as a Service (PaaS) software for various other channels to leverage virtual assistant;
  • - Developing Bots using Dialogflow/Luis , Microsoft Bot Framework SDK, Bot Framework Emulator and command-line tools;
  • - Design code for high scalability , availability, resiliency;
  • - Develop responsive web apps and integrate APIs using NodeJS React JS;
  • - Collaborate with SME/Architects and other Language Engineers in developing coherent frameworks
Key Skills/ Experience

  • - Experience with at least one of the chatbot framework (Microsoft Bot Framework -preferred, Botkit,Dialogflow,IBM Watson,Botpress,,Luis,RASA Stack,chatterbot)
  • - Solid software engineering skills & design patterns across multiple languages including but not limited to Typescript, NodeJS, Java, Python, JavaScript
  • - Solid Experience with Rest APIs, including consuming or building and modern authorization mechanisms
  • - Experience in using the adaptive cards/dialogues/visual dialog composer supported by the Microsoft Bot Framework
  • - Ability to publish to new channels including whatsapp, facebook messenger, slack, Bing, Cortana and Skype for Business
  • - Proficiency in Azure Bot Service, Microsoft Bot Framework SDK, Bot Framework Emulator and command-line tools
  • - Experience with Digital personas & bot text to speech and vice versa
  • - Experience with bot multi-lingual utilization
  • - Experience in embedding Microsoft Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence, NLP, or analytics into a scaled IT development environment, Chatbot or Virtual Assistants experience
  • - Knowledge of microservices based services design, development, testing and maintenance
  • - Proficient with AWS/Azure cloud, Cloud services, methodologies and best practices
  • - Proficient in testing methodologies relevant to Bot testing and tools (Qbox, Botium)
  • - Experienced in CI/CD practises & container orchestration
  • - Experience in developing configuration as a service
  • - Experience on NOSQL platforms like - Couchbase, MongoDB, Cassandra
  • - Recent experience delivering IaaS, PaaS and SaaS solutions on AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform with end-to-end automation and 'Zero touch' deployment
  • - Hands-on experience in post-production operations, learning of which are applied while building robust failure-free, scalable and cost-effective software
  • - Working experience of 12-factor app methodologies
  • - Performance engineering
  • - Excellent oral and written communication skills in English
  • - Ability to work under pressure & tight deadlines followed by multitasking of activities
  • - Demonstrate adeptness at building consensus and become a trusted member of the technical leadership team
  • - Propose projects that may require the work of several teams to implement and divide responsibilities so that each team can work independently and have the system come together into an integrated whole.
  • - Adopt a flexible and adaptable approach to meet the needs of the team, project, or product by solicit differing views and are willing to change your mind as you learn more.
  • - Align your teams toward coherent architectural strategies.
  • - Ability to handle multiple projects/priorities at any given time
  • - Experience in setting technology standards for engineering excellence across the organisation.
  • - Delivering software in a highly collaborative Agile environment
  • - Shift left DevOps and Testing strategy
  • - Service gateways and routing mechanisms in microservices
  • - App monitoring and reliability engineering
  • - SAFe

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