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Kalpataru Power Transmission Limited (KPTL) is amongst the largest players firmly entrenched in the global power transmission and infrastructure EPC space. With proven experience and expertise spanning over three decades, KPTL today has established its footprints in over 50 countries, executing marquee projects with comprehensive capabilities that deliver complete solutions covering design, testing, fabrication, erection, and construction of transmission lines, oil and gas infrastructure, and railways projects on a turnkey basis.
KPTL is part of the Kalpataru Group established in 1969. It is a diversified conglomerate spanning Real Estate, Power Generation and Transmission, Construction of Roads, Factories, Buildings and Oil and Gas Infrastructure and Agri-Logistics spaces.
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  • Review of various tender documents and highlight the points requiring further attention
  • Understanding the Contract and preparation of Project Synopsis
  • Coordinate with the Site Team / Coordinator for various contractual issues
  • Preparation of letters / helping the team to write letters with contract clauses
  • Preparation of Claims in line with the Contract terms and conditions
  • To take advantage of the situation in Company's favor and claim on the Client at the correct time
  • Site visits / attending meeting as per requirement for discussion of Claims
  • To make team members aware of the Contractual clauses
  • Assistance in Price variation /  Non-scheduled item submission

    8+ years experience

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