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Mechanical Foreman

Effectively enforced compliance with top quality standards, safety regulations, and corporate policies / procedures.
Maintained superior levels of customer satisfaction by ensuring the quality and timely delivery of products / services.
Completed training in management, lean practices (Kaizan), and Six Sigma operations.
Performed cost analysis and implemented change that saves BNSF 100k annually
Developed technical knowledge of locomotives to make critical economic decisions
Provided performance based feedback for over 30 employees
Estimated and procured material equipment needed to complete work projects for the purpose of ensuring timely completion of projects.
Implemented the execution of routine and preventive maintenance programs, planning, and scheduling of work projects; adjusting work schedules in response to changing priorities; and for the purpose of maximizing customer service and efficient and effective operations.
Inspected completed work for the purpose of ensuring quality of work
Worked with the contractor and client in making sure all elements of the project progress accordingly.
Supervised the performance of aircraft maintenance, support activities and airworthiness related activities on aircraft, aircraft systems, and aircraft components
Ensured these activities were preformed in accordance with the approved aircraft maintenance manuals and current technical data
Planed, organized and directed the activities of assigned personnel to meet safety, productivity, schedule, quality and administrative objectives and standards of the Company
Responsible for maintaining schedule and budgetary goals

HVAC Foreman

Maintained professional customer relationships, communicating complex information to update general contractor and customers on project status.
Achieved high customer satisfaction and low rate of repeat service calls on initial installation.
Demonstrate exceptional time management skills; organized and prioritized high volume of work to ensure maximum quality and service.
  • Installed, repaired, and maintained all HVAC equipment within assigned area of responsibility.
  • Maintained inventory of supplies, parts, tools, and equipment as appropriate.
  • Planned and scheduled the team's work assignments. Communicated status for work projects to senior
  • Ensured that all work orders were completed effectively and within an appropriate time frame. Evaluated and approved completed work assignments.
  • Coordinated work team activities with other team leaders and management personnel as necessary to complete
  • Effectively supervised and participated in the installation, maintenance and repair of air conditioning systems; delegating tasks, ensuring on-time and accurate completion in accordance with blueprints or written instructions
  • Demonstrated adeptness in operating various tools; making necessary machine improvements; diagnosed problems, repaired and reassembled machines
  • Consistently planed and delegated duties to ensure proper work distribution, staffing and space for best performance of duties
  • Monitored work in progress to ensure completion within allotted time limits, as well as acceptable quality standards
  • Assisted in personnel actions such as reviewing, supervising and terminating assigned employees or made effective suggestions and recommendations regarding the employment status of assigned employees
  • Interpreted policies to assigned personnel; enforced safety regulations and adherence to proper codes and standards; maintained records and files regarding HVAC
  • Provided training and instruction to personnel on duties relating to HVAC maintenance to ensure best work performance level
Technical - Planner Assistant

Conducts resource analyses and inventories of given sites or areas for use in determining development possibilities. Initiates, prepares and/or conducts surveys and prepares analytical reports. Prepares preliminary designs, development plans, subdivision plans, recreational layouts or special studies. Prepares zoning bylaws, amendments, initial and consolidated planning schemes. Prepares maps, sketches, drawings, layouts, model designs and model buildings as required. Compiles standard data on facility inventories and use measurements and develops use estimates for proposed developments. Liaises with other branches or departments to obtain information or answer inquiries as required and may attend meetings with local officials. Supervises draftsmen, clerical staff, or student employees as required. Performs other duties as assigned.
# Diploma in Resource Management

Data Entry Operator




Queue Management Operator

  • Entering customer and account data from source documents within time limits
  • Compiling, verifying accuracy and sorting information to prepare source data for computer entry
  • Reviewing data for deficiencies or errors, correcting any incompatibilities and checking output
  • Diploma or iti in computers

  • Medical Gas Tech. Operator

    Monitoring and maintaining Medical Gas Supplies to the required standard to ensure life support of patient services.
    Carries out operation and maintenance of all Medical Air and Medical Vacuum Compressors, standby Manifolds, Liquid Storage Vessels and Piped Medical Gas Lines.
    Ensures that all controls and alarms are fully functional, correctly set and that these settings are recorded.
    Carries out checks and planned maintenance to ensure that plant continues to run in optimum condition.
    Carries out all necessary minor upgrades and new works to the Medical Gas System as required by the Director of Operations & Maintenance.
    Ensures that there is an adequate supply of Medical Gases available to meet the demands of the hospital.
    Carryout the filing of Medical Oxygen Cylinders as required and ensuring stocks are maintained on wards and clinics.
    Repairing, testing and calibration of Flow Meters and Suction units.

    Refrigeration Technician

    Refrigeration Technicians, commonly known as Refrigeration Mechanics, repair, install and troubleshoot refrigeration systems. They can work on industrial climate-control systems, such as HVAC units, ice machines, beverage equipment and refrigerated storage units.

    Boiler Operators

    Boiler operators operate, repair, maintain, and adjust boilers, turbines, pumps, compressors, water lines, steam lines, valves, and all related systems and equipment. Boiler operators work in industrial environments such as factories, power plants, warehouses, and in the equipment rooms of large buildings that run on boiler systems. Boiler systems are large heating, cooling and ventilation systems usually found in large buildings, such as offices, warehouses and shopping facilities. A boiler service technician, also known as a boiler operator, keeps the boiler system operating properly by performing routine maintenance and repairs. These technicians work around machinery and often perform their tasks in uncomfortable positions or temperatures. Boiler service technicians have extensive experience in operating and maintenance of boiler systems, the ability to read blueprints, experience working with electrical systems, maintenance experience and knowledge of the tools and equipment used on the job.

    Fire Alarm Foreman 
    1. Fill out time sheets daily for employees assigned to job. You are responsible for reporting all employees time each week. Note that Progress reports and toolbox talks must be delivered with time sheets.
    2. Enforce safety at all times. Hold toolbox talks at regular intervals. Ensure any energized circuits are locked off before attempting any work whether it is 24 VDC or high voltage circuit.
    3. Ability to read and understand electrical drawings.
    4. Before attempting any work on an existing Fire Alarm System, document any trouble or alarm condition the FACP has when you arrive at the site while having an owner's representative witness the condition. Have the representative sign the Existing Panel Condition worksheet and be sure to complete all information blocks on the sheet.
    5. Coordinate manpower activities on your job site, focusing on productivity. Go over plans as frequently as needed to ensure all installers understand the alarm system wiring and scope of the particular project.
    6. Ensure that all field coordination with other trades is documented and within the FLSA scope of work. Ensure that correspondence with a contractor or trade concerning coordination is written in your memo book and a copy of the conversation given to the Alarm Manager on a weekly basis.
    7. Communicate design and coordination problems with your project designer and Alarm Manager.
    8. Complete daily progress reports. Include any accidents, changes in design due to field conditions, proposed changes in scope and conflicts with design as related to existing conditions.
    9. Ensure that all material for a job is ordered and picked up allowing you enough time to be on site and working at 7:00 am. Once on site, you will be expected to layout or store your material in a safe and orderly fashion, and in an area that is designated by the General Contractor or owner.
    10. Ensure that any additional work beyond the original scope have a work order filled out and signed by the General Contractor. All additional work must be approved by the Alarm Manager.
    11. Ensure that any material picked up at an electrical supply warehouse is charged to a job number and all receipts for material are turned in with weekly time sheets.
    12. Ensure that ALL alarm devices and existing zones on new or existing systems are checked with preliminary testing in compliance with NFPA 72 before a final with local authorities is requested. Report any deficiencies of the preliminary test to the Alarm Manager before scheduling a final.
    13. All maintenance to the company vehicles is the responsibility of the employee assigned to the vehicle. Any and all work performed on your vehicle will be recorded in the truck maintenance log and turned in with that week's paperwork. Oil changes will be done at between 3500 and 5000 mile intervals, depending on the driving conditions. All company vehicles will be cleaned inside and out at least twice a month. If you are on an extraordinarily muddy or dusty job, it should be cleaned weekly.
    14. Ensure that all tools assigned are safeguarded and maintained. Tools are each foreman's financial responsibility. Tools inventory lists and tool transfer books are to be maintained providing records of tool activity. Tools and equipment are to be cleaned on a daily basis. A final tour of the jobsite by the foreman where any work was performed during the day is required on a daily basis to ensure all company tools are picked up and back on the van.
    Telecommunications Supervisor 

    A telecommunications supervisor is responsible for overseeing the work done by the technicians and coordinators who are required to install, maintain operation sin geographical areas.
    A telecommunications supervisor is also responsible for planning, organising and supervising the work of subordinates in the installation, modifications and testing of telecommunications systems.
    A telecommunications supervisor is also responsible for repairing and maintaining of associated equipments of the telecommunications system.
    A telecommunications supervisor also requires analysing and troubleshooting communications systems to maintain DPS and other state agencies telecom systems as per requirement or orders.
    A telecommunications supervisor is also responsible for travelling to sites located across different cities in the country to install and maintain communication related equipments and attend user association or staff meetings at these locations.
    A telecommunication supervisor is the employee of the telecom company who is responsible for emergency call outs and to perform emergency evaluation and repair of the communication systems throughout the respective state and in collaboration with other state agencies.

    CCTV Foreman

    The technician shall have previous experience with access control, CCTV and burglary installations
    Able to work independently as well as part of the team
    Able to be productive and work effectively under pressure to meet deadlines
    Must be responsible, self-motivated, self-starter, personable and well-organized
    Ability to manage multiple tasks simultaneously
    Proven ability to supervise others
    Ability to read and effectively interpret and follow architectural drawings and electronic schematics
    Must be capable of installing, testing, commissioning and replacing security systems and devices (cameras, locking devices, computers, Intelligent Controllers, etc.)
    Must be able of troubleshoot, identify and solve problems in a timely fashion
    Ensures all work is preformed to meet industries best practices
    Experience with the following manufacturers preferred: Lenel, AMAG, Salient, S2, Genetec, Brivo, ExacqVision, Aiphone, Comelit, Sidle
    General Foreman 

    Coordinate tasks according to priorities and plans
    Produce schedules and monitor attendance of crew
    Allocate general and daily responsibilities
    Supervise and train workers and tradespeople
    Ensure manpower and resources are adequate
    Guarantee all safety precautions and quality standards are met
    Supervise the use of machinery and equipment
    Monitor expenditure and ensure it remains within budget
    Resolve problems when they arise
    Report on progress to managers, engineers etc.

    Electrical Foreman

    An electrical foreman is responsible for overseeing the work done by the electrical tradesmen and ensuring that they perform their duties properly and within the deadline set by the client.
    An electrical foreman is also responsible for providing the customers or clients with a rough estimate of the costs that will be incurred on the work of electrical installation, repair and maintenance.
    It is the job responsibility of an electrical foreman to work in a professional manner and ensure that the budget is not exceeded and proper quality equipments and tools are used.
    Another major job responsibility of an electrical foreman is to work in such a way that the safety guidelines are followed and any risky activity is not undertaken.
    It is the responsibility of an electrical foreman to communicate with the client on all important issues and updating the client about the progress being made each day.
    An electrical foreman is also responsible for maintaining a proper record of the tasks done at the site and the methods used to achieve goals and objectives so that these records can be referred to in the future when similar problems are faced or goals are to be achieved.

    Civil Foreman Duties and Responsibilities
    The project itself will dictate much of a civil foreman's specific tasks, but numerous core responsibilities are common to most positions. Based on our analysis of job postings, aspiring civil foremen should be prepared to do the following:
    Oversee a Team
    Construction projects are group efforts, and civil foremen monitor team members to ensure operations flow. They may hire people and schedule their work hours. On the construction site, they communicate instructions, inspect work, and sometimes work side-by-side with their charges to demonstrate techniques or help out.
    Handle Workers
    Good morale increases productivity, so civil foremen try to keep the team's energy and spirits up. They may step in to resolve issues between workers or fire employees who don't pull their weight. Civil foremen also deal with worker-related concerns such as payroll.
    Meet with Supervisors
    Different people have an interest in how a project is going. With their first-hand knowledge of what is happening at the site, civil foremen get called upon to provide updates and answer questions for project engineers, leaders, and clients. If management decides to make changes to the original plans, it discusses them with civil foremen so they can relay new information to their team.
    Follow Procedures
    Safety is a priority at all constructions sites. Civil foremen make sure workers know and carry out safety rules, such as wearing hard hats and other protective gear. These leaders also are well-versed on governmental and local policies, and they watch that their team's actions correspond with these rules.

    Welder 6G Arc

    Mig and tig welding, including the following: ï‚· Create quality welds according to blueprints (weld symbols). ï‚· Inspect welds for accuracy. ï‚· Prepare product to be welded by grinding, drilling, milling, tapping and cutting steel/aluminum parts. ï‚· Change wire, welding, as needed. ï‚· Change gas tanks, as needed ï‚· Responsible for the proper packaging, identifying and moving of all finished products to the proper location. ï‚· Ensure all equipment is properly set-up and used in a safe manner and that all safety devices are in use. ï‚· Operate fork lift, if required and trained. ï‚· Performs first piece inspections as well as all subsequent inspections as required by RMF standards. ï‚· Monitor equipment and request maintenance when required. ï‚· Perform simple maintenance and repair as required.
    ITI / Diploma is Required

    Duct Fabricator

    Work with ductwork fabrication tools in a metal fabrication shop. Measure and mark dimensions and reference lines on metal sheets Drill holes in metal for screws, bolts and rivets Install metal sheets with supportive frameworks Fasten seams or joints by welding, bolting, riveting or soldering Study plans and specifications to determine the kind and quantity of materials needed Make required calculations and use tapes and rulers to layout work Make custom pieces and operate equipment that is manually controlled Check each part for accurate measurements Use hand rotary or squaring shears and hacksaws to finish pieces Fasten seams and joints with welds, bolts, rivets, solder or other connecting devices
    ITI/Dipolma is required

    Technical Engineer - Mechanical Assistant

    • Supervises, and/or coordinates the work activities of subordinates.
    • Assists in the design and fabrication of mechanical engineering projects, systems, or equipment.
    • Performs engineering calculations by calculator or computer to solve routine engineering problems.
    • Assists in the development of engineering drawings including plans and specifications based on calculations.
    • Assists in the troubleshooting of systems and equipment and performs repair under close supervision.
    • Assists in the preparation of project presentations to explain progress of project, which includes preparing routine graphic illustrations, charts and drawings.
    • Requisitions components and supplies for engineering projects, interacting with vendors to obtain price and product information.
    Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
    • Knowledge of engineering principles and procedures.
    • Knowledge of mechanical equipment and systems.
    • Skill in both verbal and written communication.
    • in Mechanical is compulsion

      Civil Technician (Mason, Painter cum Carpenter)
    • Assist in building layout, framing, sheathing, and roofing structures.
    • Use equipment and tools to safely perform basic construction tasks.
    • Correct any safety hazards and report them to the foreman. Communicate any more serious safety issues.
    • Tear down, rebuild, and point chimneys.
    • Cut openings into walls, ceilings, and floors constructed of masonry materials.
    • Reading blueprints, drawings and sketches to fully grasp requirements
    • Taking measurements and calculating the size and amount of material needed
    • Cutting, shaping and smoothing lumber and other material (e.g. fiberglass) according to measurements
    •     ITI is required.
    • Maintenance experience is required.

      Fire Fighting Technician / Fire Alarm Technician
    The role of the Fire Fighting Technician is to conduct testing and maintenance of the fire protection system and equipment at all facilities to ensure fire safety of personnel, buildings and equipment. Carry out routine and preventive maintenance of all fire protection and alarm systems. Attend to any fire related emergencies. Install and maintain all materials associated with fire alarm, sprinkler systems and fire hydrants. Install and maintain all materials associated with security alarm systems. Check and maintain water level in tanks. Identify faults and troubleshoot fire systems. Complete necessary documentation pertaining to all work undertaken - i.e. daily maintenance and inspection reports and maintain database and manual filing system. Liaise with Fire Protection Engineer for supply of spare parts and check compliance with standard specifications. Liaise with Project Engineers regarding commissioning of new equipment, review documentation and conduct necessary tests. Install and maintain all signs relating to safety. Maintain all tools and equipment in working order and keep an inventory of same. Act as a Competent Person for the operation of equipment in compliance with TRANSCO System Safety Rules.
    Education in Diploma in engineering discipline

    Diesel Generator Technician

    Carry out installations on small and large capacity  generator  sets and related equipment. 
    Carry out scheduled and routine maintenance, emergency repairs and overhaul of  generators  (static/mobile), including the installation of auxiliary fuel systems, such as tanks, transfer pumps and pit works.    
    ITI is required

    Aluminium Technician

    Installation of various siding and soffit products, steel framing and similar  Installation of Composite Aluminum Wall panels, Composite Aluminum Wall finishes, Steel framing and similar  Read blueprints or work order specifications to determine layout and installation procedures  Install siding and cladding products according to specifications and building codes  Install flashing and standard metals  Site fabrication and installation of various rain-screen systems  Load and unload trucks with supplies and equipment  Site fabrication and installation of various rain-screen systems  Operate light metalworking tools, in order to cut, bend, drill, shape or straighten metal panels  Inspect product quality and installation to ensure conformance to specifications  Other duties as required

    Compressor Overhauling Technician

    After a certain amount of running hours, overhauling the compressor is required to prevent breakdowns, maintain comfort and extend the service life of your hard-working HVAC equipment. Overhauls are pro-active measures to return system performance back to factory condition efficiency, assuring many years of trouble-free operation. Compressor Overhauling Technician should have experience in dismantling, overhauling and repairing of HVAC semi-hermatic /hermatic compressors He shall also posses knowledge and experience of overhauling of all makes of compressor Knowledge of trouble shotting will be an added advantage.

    Pneumatic Tube Technician

    pneumatic meaning - containing or operated by air or gas under pressure. A pneumatic device is a tool or instrument that generates and utilizes compressed air. ... Some examples of pneumatic devices are rock drills, pavement breakers, riveters, forging presses, paint sprayers, blast cleaners, and atomizers. An air compressor is one of the major types of pneumatic devices.
    Video for explain

    Queue Management (QM)

    QM is the process of managing and optimizes queues to improve end-user waiting times and teammate productivity. It is one way that we manage queues is through the use of interactive voice response (IVR) telephony technology. The QM Technician will be expected to manage multiple ticket queues, asset tracking, consumable accountability, change request assignment/tracking and metric analyzation/presentation

    Telephone Exchange Technician
    • Knowledge in EPBAX system
    • Installation of hardware part of the system
    Configuring voice  over ip.
    Experience - 6 to 8 yrs
    Salary:-120- 140 kd 
    Diploma or ITI in telecommunications
    • Face to face client interview in Delhi
    Vijay Singh / Poonam,,

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