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Since 1859, it has developed a proud history of service in the secure transportation and storage of money and valuables.From our original motto of Money & Valuables, Safety & Dispatch to today's focus on end-to-end secure logistics worldwide driven by outstanding people and information technology, we have always been about protecting our people, protecting our customer's interests and providing outstanding service consistently and cost-effectively. Our Offering In safe hands around the world.It's Services specializes in managing your risk through safe, secure transportation and the handling of your valuables. With 150 years of experience, we are well-placed to add value at every point in the secure logistics supply chain. Our core services include: Secure Logistics Management at every point in the logistics process including: Packing Pick-up Secure Storage Inventory Management Pick & Pack Customs Clearance Consolidation Airline Handling Secure Transportation Cash Processing Replenishment Delivery.Secure Transportation Transportation by armored trucks and trailers, secure air and sea freight, air charters (fixed wing & helicopters), and armed messengers. Consultancy offers proactive risk assessment for your transport and logistic requirements. This is based on our wide experience and network of local contacts, who constantly update us on industry developments and the latest customs regulations

Fire Assay Cupellation Technician 

The ideal candidate will be responsible for using their fire assay experience to perform cupellation analysis and deliver results as per ASTM Standards. This candidate should feel comfortable using microbalances, furnaces, and strong acids involved in Precious Metal Laboratories. Fire Assay Technicians performs basic routine and non-routine duties (including troubleshooting, documentation and light maintenance) related to the analysis of sample by fire assay by cupellation. 

Set up and charge cupels set per information provided and training for mixing, including discarding all crucibles that should be discarded 
Ensure fast and accurate processing of incoming samples in priority sequence 
Perform and document quality checks at all stages of sample handling 
Operate furnace equipment and ensure all required calibration records and maintenance are maintained 
Comply with all occupational safety regulations, laboratory safety procedures, and requirements of ISO 17025 Quality management system SOP's 
Other duties as assigned from time to time 
Obtain all necessary safety related training as required for specific hazards-i.e respirator fit and use, continuing blood lead and health monitoring checks. 
Use and maintain fit for all required PPE, including PPE specific to Fire Assay hazards 

Experience using heavy equipment is an asset 
Prior experience as a fire assayer or Bachelor in Chemistry / Engineering Discipline 
Experience with Fire Assay according to ASTM, BSI or IS Standards Preferred 

Excellent English, verbal and written (includes ability to document procedural changes as discovered during assigned troubleshooting tasks) 
Able and willing to work in hot environments wearing PPE specific to Fire Assay hazards 
Basic math and data entry skills 
Strong organizing and time management skills 
Strong interpersonal skills 
Able to work independently and as a part of a team 

Experience:  Technical: 3 years (Preferred)

Fire Assay Technical Manager 

Bachelor Degree in Chemistry or Chemical Engineering discipline with a minimum of 3+ years working experience in Precious Metal Laboratories as a supervisor following ISO 17025 Guidelines. 
Master in Chemistry Preferred 

It is understood that as an employee you have fiduciary responsibility to the company to perform your duties in a professional and timely manner. This includes the adherence to all company policies. 
Demonstrate initiative, innovation and resourcefulness 
Possess strong analytical abilities and excellent organizational skills and ability to multi-task 
Demonstrate leadership qualities, pro-active and quality driven 
Possess an understanding of the fire assay process and ability to troubleshoot 
Ability to provide suggestions and act on the next plausible step when problems arise 
Exhibit strong time management skills and ability to work efficiently under pressure to meet deadlines 
Ability to work as a team member, independently and work with minimal supervision 
Monitor the performance of laboratory and improve them 
Establish effective working relationships and manage conflict constructively/positively 
Excellent interpersonal and communication skills in English; Arabic or Hindi/Urdu are advantageous 
Proficiency in use of Microsoft office applications including WORD, Excel and PowerPoint 

The following responsibilities may include some or all of the following or any other tasks assigned directly or indirectly. 
Manage staff and operation of process of weighing samples, fire assay, instrumentation and data review 
Organize work orders and scheduling work according to priority on a daily basis for all currently active shifts 
Daily Management of department: monitor and motivate technicians, safe working conditions and efficiency in department, housekeeping 
Management of human resources and applying corrective actions to the fire assay department 
Monitor the staff, ensure results are delivered on time with high quality and according to client requirements, work overtime when required to meet due dates 
Utilize technical knowledge of fire assay to improve the quality and efficiency of the process 
Provide guidance and supervision so that SOP's are understood and followed 
Maintain laboratory equipment/instruments in the Fire Assay area in good working condition and report deficiencies promptly 
Perform procedures in the absence of a technician or due to insufficient staffing in order to meet turn-around time 
Maintain weekly production records 
Ensure full compliance with the company's Safety, Health & Safety, confidentiality, ISO 17025 and Professional Conduct Policies 
Foster and Maintain a positive environment by ensuring that all employees are treated with respect, grievances are dealt in a timely manner and communication with employees ensures a quality operation 

Experience: Technical: 5 years (Preferred) 

Nationality: Indian   

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