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We are looking for School principal

GEMS School, a leading educational institution in Kathmandu, Nepal, founded in 1984 A.D., is a residential cum day, co-educational school with world class infrastructure. It is the only school in Nepal to have been bestowed upon the National Educational Award 6 times, Regional Educational Award two times and The Best Provincial School Award two times since its inception.

The school primarily focuses on the overall-development of the students with the alignment of the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) at the Primary Level incorporating modern teaching pedagogies. We are inviting applications from well-qualified, experienced and dynamic candidates with strong commitment to progressive teaching and professional development for the position of the SCHOOL PRINCIPAL.

Job Duties and Responsibilities:
The work of academic supervision includes the performance of both the teachers as well as the students.  
Checking of the Teachers' Work related to Academics:
  1. To oversee the work of the Block in-charges which comprise the following duties:-
  2. i) The teachers need to record all the work that they perform and one of the means of keeping the record is through the teacher's diary.
  3. ii) The different sections of the teachers' diary fall under the following heads ;
  4. a) Term wise breakup of the syllabus ;
  5. b) Class lists of the class section/s being taught for record of the Home work assignment correction;
  6. c) Check list of students who have been given detention for assignments not completed or submitted on time.
  7. d) Detailed Lesson plans including teaching aids used, methodology adopted , evaluation, Homework etc.
  8. e) In case of Class teachers a student name list with page/s to record the weekly checking of the students diary is maintained and that the records are kept properly;
  9. f) Record of unit test marks;
  10. g) A record of the term test marks of the class section/s taught by the teacher;
  11. h) A page listing the students according to academic ability as a ready reference ( toppers/ middle level performers/and weak students) and especially steps taken to help weak ones by referring to the ledger of the last class attended.
  12. 2. Checking of the Teacher's lesson plans to see that is prepared as per guidelines and is being implemented properly in the classroom.
    3. Taking rounds of the classes and the different blocks at regular intervals and observing the class teaching.
    4. Taking of substitution classes in the secondary block occasionally in the absence of teachers so as to be in touch with the students.
    5. Researching, updating and providing new inputs or materials for use in instruction by the teachers.
    6. Calling for the corrected copies of students to check if the marking is done and feedback has been given properly by the teachers and giving the feedback to the teacher/s accordingly, especially if corrective measures have to be taken.
    1. Checking of the punctuality
    2. Making planned and unplanned visits to the classrooms
    3. Checking to see that the Class work/ Homework
    4. Checking to see that there is adequate use of teaching aids
    5. Checking to see that the teachers allot sufficient amount of time for Lab work
    6. If there is any discrepancy in the work being performed, the concerned teacher
Checking of Students' Work Related to Academics:
  1. Checking of the students' homework exercise books or student diaries
  2. Seeing that the class or home assignments missed by the student due to absence is duly completed
  3. Ensuring that the school policy of students bringing the full complement of text and exercise books is being followed strictly.
  4. Seeing that students do not use unfair means
  5. Ensuring that weak students of the section are given support right from the beginning
  6. Counseling the student in the use of effective study methods
  7. Getting feedback from the students
  8. Ensuring that the students who do not submit the homework or other assignments are given detention slips
  9. During detention, there has to be adequate supervision to see that the student does the work honestly
  10. Ensure that teachers make students use a separate exercise book for homework and for class-work
11. Ensure that the students have proper records of class-work and homework or projects.
12. Organize educational visits to the museums, Apiary, and historical sites etc . as noted in the syllabus as per the requirement in consultation with the concerned faculty member and also arranging the logistics by informing the Transport Manager and Mess manager well in advance as per the requirements.
13. Students' parents may be called to the school to discuss the academic progress of the student by giving an advance notice and timing over the phone.

  • Build rapport with the students and instill in the students a sense of belongingness to the school.
  • Foster the school spirit and the spirit of the 'THUNDERBOLTS'
  • Ensure that students adhere to the dress code of the school and are punctual in all areas including assemblies, classes, activities, etc.
  • Inculcate good habits and discipline in the students with motivational speeches.
  • Keep records of merit/ demerit cards issued to the students.
  • Motivate the students to converse in English and to work hard, develop reading habits, make public speeches, do philanthropic deeds, etc. and to encourage them/contribute to the school magazine, wall magazines, websites | blogs, presentation software, etc. to enhance their creativity.
  • Select student leaders and groom them properly.
  • Observe the academic progress of the students; check students' diaries and their exercise books on a regular basis. If needed, arrange remedial classes after consultation with the concerned students and their parents.
  • With the help of teachers try to detect the early signs of children requiring psychological help, discuss the same with the school counselor and communicate the same to the concerned parents.
  • Visit the school infirmary on a regular basis and advise the nurses to take prompt actions in case of emergencies and immediately inform the same to the concerned parents and also visit the playground, library, labs and activity areas frequently.
  • Check the quality of the food and the situation of the cafeteria to ensure that the students are served properly in the cafeteria as well as in the dining hall and report any shortcomings, to the Director.
  • Ensure that the boarders are engaged creatively before and after the school hours in coordination with the Hostel Manager.
  • Make necessary arrangements for educational tours for the students like hiking, trekking, camping, field trips, etc.
  • Invite professionals from different walks of life for career counseling of students with the prior approval of Director(s) for financial transactions and confirmation of the venue.
  • Create a safe and secure learning environment for the students.
  • Ensure that students are safe in the school buses.
  • Ensure that extra-curricular programs/activities are organized for students and competitions are held for students from time to time.
1. The Principal must oversee the timetables for the different blocks prepared by Block-in-charges and render any help to resolve any problems arising due to any reason by calling a meeting of the different blocks in charges consultation with the Director.  The timetables have to be prepared for:
i) Teachers class allotment for the week (master sheet).
ii) Teacher's individual timetable.
  • iii) Class and section wise timetables.
  • iv) ECA activity attendance duty allotments.
  • v) Teachers' lunch duty roster and areas allotted.
  • vi) Teachers' detention duty timetables.
2. Block wise staff meetings are to be called in consultation with the Academic Director at the beginning of the session to discuss the plan for the term or delegate such work to the Block-in-charges and fix a day for the submission of the report and discussion with the Principal. Faculty wise discussions can be held to chalk out the syllabus break up and or requirements as suggested by the teachers. The minutes of the meeting must be recorded and forwarded to the Directors.
3. In consultation with the Academic Director, meetings with Block-in-charges are to be held at least once a month to coordinate various academic as well as non-academic activities. The minutes of the meeting must be recorded and forwarded to the Directors.
4. Block wise staff meetings are to be conducted at the end of each term to be up to date with the Academic standings of each block, share problems of teachers and to plan for the term ahead. Minutes of the meetings must be recorded and forwarded to the Directors.
5.   An advance notice needs to be given to the teachers regarding the timeframe for conducting unit tests or term exams after consultation with the Block-in-charges.
6. Check that all question papers are handed in well in advance by the concerned teachers to allow the IT department sufficient time to complete the work( at least a week )and that the question papers are moderated before printing and that they are kept in safe custody to prevent any untoward incidents.
7. A schedule for the handing over of corrected answer scripts has to be prepared in consultation with the Vice-Principal/In-charges and follow up on the same for timely preparation of report cards.
8. After the marks are submitted to the Block-in-charges , they have to be checked by the concerned class/subject teachers and flow charts are prepared. Copies of the flow charts of all the different blocks must be filed and copies must be kept for documentation.
9. The staff attendance records are to be kept properly and any leave accounted for . The leave record (applications) and attendance for the month has to be reported on a weekly basis to the Human Resource records office and Accounts section for preparation of salary disbursement sheets.
10. It is expected that the staff of the different blocks will inform/apply to the respective Block-in-charges in advance for leave or in case of illness inform them over the phone . The staff who has taken such leave will need to submit an application on the day of their return which is to be forwarded to HR Dept. If in case of a medical leave extending over several days then a copy of the Doctor's prescription needs to be submitted on the day of return and the same shall be maintained at the HR Dept.
11 . In case of unsanctioned leave extending beyond three days, the staff needs to be contacted and the report is submitted to the HR Dept.
12. The Principal must coordinate the various school functions in consultation with the ECA in-charge and prepare duty rosters for the same in consultation with the Block-in-charges.
13. It is necessary to keep all channels of communication open . Depending on the need, the Transportation Manager and Mess Manager are also to be invited to meetings to involve them in the decision-making. Adequate and timely reporting needs to be made to the Founder Director and the Executive Directors.
14. Each of the Block-in-charges needs to prepare a block wise and term wise performance evaluation/appraisal of the teachers. A timely follow-up for submission to the Director is required to be overseen by the Principal.
15. The Principal, along with the Vice-Principal, must make one planned visit and one surprise visit per term for the evaluation of the teacher's class performance. The findings must be honest, elaborate and should be properly documented in the appraisal form for each teacher.
16. The Principal along with Block-in-charges must ensure that one safety drill (earthquake/fire) is conducted in each block at least once per term on a mandatory basis . The drill must be consistent throughout the school.

1. The Principal presides over the meetings of the Discipline Committee.  It is to be noted that the Discipline committee deals with the following:-
a) Student discipline problems . The other members of this committee comprise the following:-The CEO; The Vice-Principal; the Block-in-charges of the Secondary, Lower Secondary and Primary blocks and the ECA -in-charge. (Total-7)
b) Problems related to teachers : The other members of this committee comprise the following:-The CEO; The Vice-Principal; the Block-in-charges of the Secondary, Lower Secondary and the Primary blocks. (Total-6)
2. The Principal is expected to assist all other Block-in-charges as well as Academic or Asst. Academic supervisors in all discipline related matters and to assert authority to ensure that there is smooth functioning in various blocks.
3. For maintaining vigilance, the Principal is required to be active and take rounds of the different blocks as well as the different areas during the short and lunch breaks.
4. In the evening assembly, the Principal is required to see to the smooth movement of the students from the block along with the Block-in-charges and also get the teachers to help in maintaining the discipline in the lines at the back of the assembly ground.
5. Minor matters pertaining to the students' discipline can be dealt with personally in whatever way it is felt to be appropriate without the use of humiliation or corporal punishment, which is against the rules as encoded in the 'GEMS rules for Employees, 2050'.
6. Any major breach of discipline by the students in any of the blocks is brought before the Discipline Committee after due gathering of relevant evidence and statements of the students involved and the discussions are held to decide the matter with the input of all members concerned who are not to divulge in any of the contents of the discussion to anyone outside the committee. Major decisions are made only after discussion with the Founder Director. The Principal must play an active role in gathering information related to the case, in dealing with the parents' or in voicing a frank and balanced opinion on the case.
7. In case of the problems arising due to non-performance or use of physical force/corporal punishment/ or any serious complaints by the student or parents' against any of the teaching staff the matter needs to be sorted out after a due investigation and inquiry. The teacher needs to given an opportunity to explain his perception of the matter. After a due deliberation, a recommendation is to be placed with the Founder Director and measures taken as required, or absolve if allegation is not substantiated.

Required Candidate profile

  1. The Principal will perform all the duties and carry out responsibilities as enshrined above and in addition take up any assignments or carry out any instructions as given by the Founder Director, Executive Directors and Academic Director from time to time.
  2. The Principal's absence or leave must be filled-in by the Vice-Principal, which can only be enforced by proper delegation of duties and responsibilities to the Vice-Principal.
Salary no bar for deserving candidates. Interested candidates may visit for the detailed job description and may apply online via a downloadable form, which must be completed and sent to the Director at latest by 6th March 2020. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for the recruitment process.

  • Minimum MPhil Degree or equivalent.
  • At least 5 years of experience in the relevant field.

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