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Job Summary
  1. Provides technical and functional support in the areas of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)
  2. systems administration, problem resolution, support, process mapping, system testing ,security access,
  3. and training. Implementation of ERP in new locations importing the opening balance and other required
  4. data and enhance the ERP as per the demand.
Technical Requirement 
* Oracle database knowledge
* SQL and PL SQL Knowledge
* Axpert ( Not Mandatory)
ERP Related 
* Ensure smooth run of ERP be co coordinating the end users and ERP vendor
* Ensuring that external/internal regulations and policies are met always ,including regulations
concerning security, audit and privacy;
* Thoroughly understands ERP system in order to assign appropriate system access to users at
different levels across the institution;
* Troubleshoots application software and database problems on a timely basis;
* Maintains liaisons with business, technical staff, and extended support organizations for
resolution of ERP issues;
* Works with end-users to analyse, understand and resolve day to day issues of regular business operations related to ERP ; documents applications and provides cross-functional training as
* Develops and presents training materials for end users;
* Maintains confidentiality of information related to business .

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