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To produce the highest quality flour, the aim of the miller is to identify and source the most suitable grain and properly prepare it for milling, and then to separate as much good quality flour as possible from the grain without excessively damaging the constituents of the grain, being the endosperm and germ in the heart of the grain, and the branny outer layers of the grain. The endosperm is a crystalline matrix of complex carbohydrate and protein, which, when progressively reduced in particle size, is reduced from chunks of semolina into fine particles of flour. The wheat grain has a natural crease where branny layers are trapped within the endosperm, and this prevents a perfect separation of bran and germ from the endosperm. Milling to produce white flour removes most of the bran layers and the germ, which together amount to about 15% of the wheat grain. This means that, depending on the milling technique, not all the bran can be separated, and up to 50% of the germ is retained in the white flour

* Managing the Fleet of 70 commercial Vehicles ranging from 5 ton to 36 tons and other small vehicles
* Handling the various technician (engine / gearbox mechanics, electricians, Welders, tire section) working in workshop by allocating them daily work, guiding them to get completed the task with perfection of job
* Maintaining the good working practice by close monitoring of various jobs going on in workshop and releasing the trucks as projected
* Try to improve the ownership culture in drivers, encouraging them to maintain the cleanness / neatness on their trucks and keeping in good working order
* Arranging the 24 hours workshop activities when wheat operation is on or whenever it is required
* Monitoring and having a good control on Fuel, lubricants, tires and Spares consumptions
* Monthly detailed report for each vehicle where repair, issuing the spares / tires / consumables are concerned
* Monthly Closing Stock summary for Spares, Lubricants and Tires
* Any other job given by management which is related to Transport Division

Required Candidate profile
Leadership, Hardworking, good teaching skills and ready to work late hours when required
Knowledge required: On various heavy-duty engines, transmission system and gearboxes
Skills required: Able not only to guide the mechanics but must be able to work himself in order to gain the respect from local technician working in workshop

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