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  • To take over his area from previous shift operator knowing all different issues faced his previous shift.
  • To ensure safe conditions of his work place before commencing any job. And to ensure handing over a safely working place.
  • To abide by Damawise & safety systems at all times under any circumstances.
  • Implement AM & CLIT procedures & make sure to record it
  • To know, understand, and follow his area QAP, SOP, & AIB requirements & procedures.
  • To continuously monitor & ensure production output is free of quality defects using the QC sampling plans & utilizing quality window effectively.
  • Not to produce advanced products more than stated in quarantine rules, or later than 48 hours before distribution date.
  • To maintain a clean and hygienic working environment around the area as per AIB standards.
  • To record all production activities any relative log books, log forms, CUTE forms & QCDM board.
  • To follow production plan program given by shift leader/production planner respecting the quantities & codes specified.
  • To communicate with the Shift Supervisors in the case of any difficulties or problems, and to report at the same time problems to concerned dept: MTC, Utilities, Safety ...etc.
  • To use effectively CUTE to know & improve his machine results & efficiency.
To summarize all activities, production status to the following Shift operator for proper handover

5+ years experience


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