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  1. Well conversant with productivity norms for in-house and site related work.
  2. Able to apply time and motion study techniques on shop floor assignments to improve productivity norms.
  3. Candidate should be well conversant in production study, review processes and apply techniques to reduce cycle time for manual and machine operations.
  4. Able to review shop floor layout, layout design and identify process/flow bottlenecks.
  5. Candidate should have analytical ability for problem solving and knowledge of 7 QC tools.
  6. To apply industrial engineering and lean techniques to optimize resources and able to work on waste Reduction Assignments.
  7. Should have knowledge of MOST or PMTS for application in industrial engineering practices.
  8. Must be well conversant in 5S & Kaizen technics.
  9. Must be proficient in AutoCAD, MS-Excel & MS-Word.
  10. Candidate must have basic knowledge of production flow and manufacturing processes.
  11. Ability to identify and apply jibs and fixture concept for cycle time reduction.
Note : Candidates having exp from switchgear Industry will be given preference

Please apply your CV along with below details.
1.Present Salary
2.Expected Salary
3.Notice Period


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