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Rebel Foods (Parent Company of Faasos), our eight year old startup, commonly known for its larger brands - Faasos, Behrouz Biryani, Oven story and Mandarian Oak is disrupting the food delivery business by building and running the largest chain of internet restaurants, globally. In the last three years, we have opened 1500 + internet restaurants in India across 10 brands in 29 cities - thus creating a completely disruptive model of building restaurants on the cloud. At 90 MN USD+ revenue and 110% YoY growth, we are the world's largest and fastest growing Internet Restaurant / Cloud Kitchen company, by a very wide margin.

The secret behind this growth is our model of one kitchen = multiple brands. In two years, we have built India's leading national Biryani brand - Behrouz, on top of Faasos, our first brand. Subsequently, we have launched national brands across Pizza, World Cuisine, Desserts, Beverages and Chinese - and these brands are now scaling super-fast. This gives us the ability to play across all customer food missions/occasions through the same infrastructure base. Because of our asset lite model and no incremental investments for subsequent brands, our economic engine is producing tremendous results from payback to capital efficiency to kitchen profitability. Also, we have taken out the biggest risk from opening restaurants - location dependence. 100% on delivery, we have no location risk. While 65% of restaurants shut down in year 1, globally, we have never had to shut down any of our locations. This way, we have completely changed the way restaurant businesses are built and are spearheading the revolution globally for building RESTAURANTS ON INTERNET.

Roles & responsibilities
  1. Assist logistics process for the development of new products, inventory maintenance
  2. Keep detailed trackers for liaising with the operations & Chef's team
  3. Build relationships with external parties, such as suppliers or distributors.
  4. Read and comprehend legal documents, such as contracts or import/export agreements.
  1. Bachelor's Degree in a related field
  2. 6 months - 2 years' experience in supply chain management with the likes of Amazon, Fedx, Aramex
  3. Familiarity with procedural best practices in SCM
  4. Experience with ERP programs/SAP
  5. Candidates with prior experience in food chains will be preferred
Interested candidates can send their resume on

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