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Urgently required for a leading HVAC and Air Conditioning manufacturing company located at Kuwait


1.       HVAC Engineer

Salary: 300 KD to 450 KD + Bonus
Fluent in English, not less than 15 years of experience some in Kuwait. Experience in all type of AC maintenance and installation, have enough experience in ducting. Experience with leading supervisors and technicians. Knowing how to prepare HVAC installation and maintenance contracts.

2.       HVAC Supervisors

Salary: 200 to 300 KD + Overtime
Fluent in English, 15 years of experience for building maintenance and HVAC installation. Have enough ducting experience, Healthy, age not more than 40

3.       AC Maintenance Technicians:

Salary: 150 to 200 KD + Overtime
Experience between 3 to 10 years, able to work for ( central AC, Split unt AC, mini Split AC, window AC, cassette AC. And knows how to work through the control panel of all these types, his hand is smooth in copper welding. A good level of English language. Half of the technicians at least prefer to have Indian driving liesince as every two technicians will be having the same car

4.       AC Air Chiller Technicians

Salary: 250 to 300 KD + Overtime
Have an experience for all type chiller not less than 10years , troubleshooting and control panel as well as knowing how to work on all types of air chiller. One at least with indian driving license

5.       AC Installation Technicians

Salary: 150 to 200 KD + Overtime
experience between 5 to 15 years, able to install all type of AC such as for ( central AC, Split unit AC, mini Split AC, window AC, cassette AC) for all available brands. Acceptable level of English, one technician at least should have driving license.  

6.       Electricians

Salary: 150 to 200 KD + Overtime
Have not less than 10 years of experience in all type of electricity problems including ( building electricity and high volt electricity) electric extension, installation and maintenance. Excellent level of English

7.       Plumbers

Having an experience not less than 10 years. Knowing all building plumbing modern system as well as all sanitary installation and maintenance. And having a knowledge on the agricultural water extension.

Kindly send across your updated resume along with the required details to kindly mention the position you wish to apply for in the subject line.

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